A Successful Anime Original Character?

As we know, a lot of anime is based on game or manga, but did you know that sometimes the anime doesn’t goes exactly as the original story line. For example, adding an original anime character that’s not in the original game or manga.

However, some of the Japan anime fans doesn’t like the idea of an original character. Mainly due to the fact that with the additional character, it changes the plot of the original story.

With all the criticizing eyes, there are still some anime original characters that win the fans heart.

This time I want to share this topic with some of the comments on a anime forum.

A Successful Anime Original Character? (from 2ch)
  • With original anime characters most cases they get a bad review, or just forgotten
  • Lyra and Dante from Fullmetal was goodconveyor belt sushi
  • Nataru from Birdy the Mightyconveyor belt sushi
  • Chika from Sunshine Sketchconveyor belt sushi
  • Ai-chan from ARIAconveyor belt sushi
  • She appear in the last chapter of the original work didn’t she
  • Saten from A Certain Scientific Railgunconveyor belt sushi
  • Kumin from Love, Chunibyo & Other Delusionsconveyor belt sushi
  • I pick Hanazawa from Sazae-sanconveyor belt sushi
  • The sub character from Sazae-san are mostly anime original
  • Really?
  • Meiling Li from Cardcaptor Sakuraconveyor belt sushi
  • Aika Nakamura from Persona 4: The Animationconveyor belt sushi
  • Bardock from Dragon Ballconveyor belt sushi
  • That was good
    The rare case that was added into original
  • Broly from Dragon Ball maybeconveyor belt sushi
  • Broly is successful for how disgusting he is
  • Marina from Bakusō Kyōdai Let’s & Go!! is even more popular than the main characterconveyor belt sushi
  • Takagi from Case Closed, he is good character in many waysconveyor belt sushi
  • Nicholas Santos from Case Closed was only in the movie version wasn’t he?conveyor belt sushi
  • Ryoga Echizen from The Prince of Tennisconveyor belt sushi
  • He was in the original work right? Was he from anime too?
  • Yep, a successful one
  • You don’t notice it if you didn’t read the original work and got it off the internet


How many people was shocked and think “That character wan not in the original work?” There are many original character from the anime that were added into the original work.

Among the “add on” characters there are ones even as active as the main character, you couldn’t believe he or she wan’t in the original work. I remember I was shocked when I found out that Hanazawa from Sazae-san wasn’t in the original work.

Planetes” was famous for adding original character from the anime. It is a humanistic drama takes place in the near future about space debris collectors. Many watch the anime and read the original work, and surprised to found out that many of the character is anime original.

As I’ve stated before, Japan anime fans are very sensitive with original anime character. But in reality, if the character isn’t too far off with the theme of the story, they usually turn a blind eye to it.

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