Japanese Man Arrested Using Anime Credit Card “It was so cute, mistaken for a toy”

A little while ago, a Japanese man was arrested in US using his credit card became a topic among the otaku. His arrest was not because of criminal action, but of the picture on the credit card.  Let’s see the news article and some responses.

Japanese Man Arrested Using Anime Credit Card “It was so cute, mistaken for a toy” (from 2ch)
  • Recently a Japanese man was arrested for fraud in US using his credit card, due to the fact that his credit card is “too cute” 

    The card that caused all the fuzz was issued by Sumitomo Mitsui Bank in Japan, intend to target the anime fans market, printing anime and game characters on the cards.

    While it is taken as funny in Japan, in US fraud came before, since the card looks like a toy. 

    The Americans were taken back by the card with cute picture of anime idols. The police arrested the Japanese man because they have never seen anything like this. 

    Fortunately, Sumitomo Mitsui Bank immediately step in and apologize to the man, with compensation.  

  • You can’t help being arrested for this
  • What a great card!
  • I’m amazed somone actually uses this
  • Credit card that cannot be trusted lol
  • So we’re all subject to arrest in America huh
    How cool
  • This was popular for a while, bank joint with a character
    I have one too that’s kinda hard to use lol
  • These are hard to use in Japan though
    If I was the store clerk I can’t hold back my laugh
  • I guess everything “cute” is innocence is a lie!
  • That’s America for you LOL

    That’s Japan for you LOL
    is better?
  • There’re a lot of cute cards in Japan
    Some banks cash card also have character on then, it’s not the same oversea then?
  • In the US, you can upload your own picture while applying for a card
    And have that picture on your card

    So you can have picture of yourself, famous people, so I bet there’re people who put anime character on it
  • So seeing a strange credit card shouldn’t be weird at all.
    Why did they arrest him.
  • That why the American forums is shocked too

    I bet the idiot LAPD who did this is a racist
    Must be a poor cop who don’t have a credit card
    He must have been arrested because it’s a VISA, Japanese should use MasterCard
    If it was Iori he would have been okay, the cop must be a Hatsune Miku fan
    these are just some from the American forums
  • It’s because he uses something only popular in Japan. if it were Pokemon or Yu-Gi-Oh he should have been fine
  • How much compensation would he get? We’re talking about a country who pays compensation just because the coffee was hot
  • Well for someone who know nothing about this kind of culture, I guess he would seen this as a toy
  • They should promote it as “so cute you get arrested”


The discussion among the Japanese it’s “who has the more outrageous behavior” between the card holder and the cop. However, more people are doubting the story, could this really happen? It does seem like an urban legend the more you read it.

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