As if a Battlefield. Some Tweets from Attendee of COMIC MARKET

Just last month was the world largest otaku event “Comic Market(C84).”

I think many people would want to go to Japan just to attend this event, but can they say that after knowing the truth?

This time I’d like to introduce some tweets from the attendee.

One of the attendee’s live blog (Night before ~ end)
  • There’re over 1000 people lining up already the day before, Ariake Nishi Port Park. @buslitt
  • There’re over 3000 here, guys… @zone0poisonpink
  • There’s line even though it’s prohibits?? to anyone who thought of that. There’re about 5000 people. If there is a penalty there’s going to be a riot, and COMIKE is going to be cancel. It’s like “there’s going to be riot so can’t help it.” @yryr_k_on
  • Day one in COMIKE @shiningfinger3
  • The usual day one @asphones
  • 【COMIKE NEWS】Titan and COMIKE staff stand off at line for Nanoha!! COMIKE staff is cosplay as Survey Corps lol @seiyufan
  • Just now at East  Hall 6 when the line of Survey Corps lines up, when they open up the shutter they did the Corps style salute, there were huge applauding! @enk11u
  • The staff this year actually said this “Attention everyone, we’re doing the outer wall investigation please line up in one uniform line @KikuMokkun22
  • Staff “Stay as close as possible to the front! As if there were giants running toward you!” @yuzzzuki
  • West side staff  ”Within the next 45 minute, our fate in the next few hour  might be decided”  ”It’s hard on everyone that someone falls just to buy doujinshi” “The people around you aren’t rivals, they are you comrede of reading doujinshi” there was a standing obation  #C84 #コミケ @tsuinte_kana
  • My friend told me “This year’s staff at east hall is doing Survey Corps Cosplay” and just as I thought “They pour their heart into COMIKE huh” and then my friend continue with “The death rate for Survey Corps is above 60% was it? ” the heat is going to kill LOL @Qooga_13
  • Take a look at the inside of the train to the International Hall @WANIGUNNSOU
  • The first group in is like Bolt became a topic lol@s_o39
  • You wouldn’t notice Bolt along with all the otaku in COMIKE LOL @rekyu_sincerely
  • Line for toilet@kouhei13
  • Line for the toilet is as long as the big circle, water sold out @meumeupettan
  • Fast news, COMIKE Staff “First-aid room is full” @atmark680
  • You can’t have concience people in the first-aid room since it’s full @Yoshiki9278
  • It’s 46°C and 98% humidity inside……What kinda of sauma challange is that. So many people fainted so the first-aid room is full.  I heard there’re even ambulances coming, but then I heard there’re giants passing out hand warmer, it’s confusing, @aine_sr
  • Customer “Can I have a shaved ice?”
    Clerk “What flavor whould you like?”
    Customer “None”
    Clerk “What? None?”
    Customer “Yep, none”
    Clerk “…okay, please wait”
    Customer “YEAH! (Slapping ice on face and body)”

    This guys is a genius@XeNO____
  • Just like how athlete pour bottle water over themselves. @skawa5e
  • So if we can make tons of money just by selling shaved ice at half price huh @higashikata
  • The foreigner that came to COMIKE was sitting in the shade around the Business booth and whispering “Japanese…strong…” I LOLed thanks for coming lol@nishiki7
  • Of all the urban legend I heard, the one with most impact to me was:

    “Enlisted US Army, fell” @maryuw
  • Ideal COMIKE(top) and reality(bottom) @azusaE257vvvf
  • Look well, and remember. This is what coming to Summer COMIKE means…. @yusa_magica
  • Heading in with wedding dress!(Summer COMIKE starts!) @ASKi_Zephill
  • I’m just going to tell you as it is…! I thought general admission was coming in, but a couple in wedding attire came in…!! There was wedding dress…!! There was staing ovation!! If you don’t know what I’m talking about, just know COMIKE is awesome…!!! @ERT_Wasser
  • To think that they use a women in dress and man in tuxedo to prevent people run ahead…lol @t_yasunaga
  • I was wonder what made the over night people were clapping about, and I see the two in wedding dress and tuxedo… You can’t try to bypass that…((((;゚Д゚)) but is that real!?? If so congratulation!! @boscomet
  • Someone shouted “I’m trash!” abd jump in the trash can, but a staff came up and shout back “You’re the one and only flower in this world!!” and jump in and drag him out. I was somehow touched by that @wwmamuww
  • That was just annoying but I laughed lol @O_Guntama
  • Reality was waiting at the exit of Big Site(現実=Reality)。 @_s_inagawa_
  • COMIKE is an amazing place. It teaches you both the beauty of 2D, and also the hard reality. And this is just the tip of an iceberg. @takakura1982
  • After 16 hour, Comic Market 84, ended safely. Thank everyone who participate under this hot weather. The total participant of first day is 210,000, second day 210,000 and with thired day 170,000, with the grand total of 590,000, the highest to come(cont.) @comiketofficial
  • While we’re touch and amazed by this large number, we realize there must be some hardship for all the attendee. And those are the problem solve by everyone, not only the staff. We wish to see you next year. Thank you very much! @comiketofficial
  • And also, for those who are still at Big Site, please give a hand to the clean up! Finally, “It’s still COMIKE until your home.” Have a safe trip back. @comiketofficial
  • Summer Comic Market   For All the warriors’  Dream and Hope @7mencho

You can see the original here

Known as the most cruel event in Japan, Comic Market 84 seem to be even more cruel this year. You can even see cloud inside the building due to the heat(Just what’s in those cloud?).

If you’re ever planning on participate one be prepared. It’s not a place for picnic.

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