Situation You Only Sees in Anime

There seem to been a discussion on the situation you can only find in Anime among the Japanese otaku. Maybe this will clear up some misunderstanding?

Situation You Only Sees in Anime (from 2ch)
  • They have friends…
  • …(´;ω;`)crying
  • a completely non-related younger girl call you “onii-chan”
  • The amount of hot girls around a normal guy
  • Ninja or assassin classmate
  • Girl from neighborhood look after you
  • Run into handsome man eating bread
  • Before that, no one would run while eating a piece of bread
  • I saw a high school girl do that riding a bike
  • Well it’s not really a situation, but a girl using huge ribbon
  • Twin tail hairstyle
  • Fan club of a hot girl
  • Student council have too much authority
  • Hot girl come home stay
  • Situation where the main character trip
    and touch a breast of a girl
  • The newest weapon being taken so easily
  • Got mad because you break stuff, but no punishment for it
  • Knock people out with a body blow or chop to the neck
  • Teacher “Here’s the transfer student”

    Main character& transfer student”ah!”

    Teacher “What, you guys know each other?”


No dream at all. I’ve never head of a student concil with much authority. Does that kind of place even exist?

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