Male Character You’d Hesitate to Make Friends With Ranking

If you are an anime otaku, there are bound to be a few character you want to be friends with i real life. Also by the same logic, there are some character you would dwell on right?

A little while ago the poll result from “Male Character You’d Hesitate to Make Friends With Ranking” came out, so this time I’d like to introduce this topic stirring up in Japanese otaku circle.

Let’s see the result first.

Male Character You’d Hesitate to Make Friends With Ranking
  • 1st Honekawa Suneo (Doraemon)1948
  • 2nd Nagasawa-kun (Chibimaruko-chan)1747
  • 3rd Fujiki-kun (Chibimaruko-chan)1194
  • 4th Nohara Shinosuke (Crayon Shin-chan)972
  • 5th Nobi Nobita (Doraemon)795
  • 6th Yagami Light (DEATH NOTE)495
  • 7th Amuro Ray (Mobile Suits Gundam)466
  • 8th Ikari Shinji (Neon Genesis Evangelion)395
  • 9th Hoshi Hyuma (Star of the Giants)356
  • 10th DIO Brand (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)254

Ranking Srource :goo Ranking

I find it amazing that the top 5 characters are from such family oriented anime. Is it because they are well known title so they get a higher voting ratio, or maybe it’s just easier to put yourself into those situations because the setting in those anime is very close to daily life.

Now let’s see what other Japanese takes on this. Below is the Twitter response from the Japanese anime otaku.

Male Character You’d Hesitate to Make Friends With Ranking (from 2ch)
  • There’re only super jackasses and weirdos…@kirine1010
  • They’re all from family oriented anime from 1st to 5th huh@Suisei_766
  • There are no good thing about Suneo lol  you can’t turst him at all so he stops as acquaintance @masaki1185
  • I think I’m good for Suneo, you just ignore those self boasting comment and stay on his good side @kapivara_jpg
  • If Suneo doesn’t bully on Nobita, he’d be just a good guy I think @azumarock
  • I think Shin-chan could be a good friend… @flowwave
  • Yea I don’t get why Shin-chan is on the ranking. Look closely, he really care for his famnily and friends. Although he look very flacky, he’s a good guy. @moimoiakane
  • I’t sfun with Shin-chan lol  but not for Nagasawa…he’s a good guy but just how he behave normally… @NAARO_ageha
  • Fujiki still have some humanity in him, but Nagasasa… @masamunefnyoro
  • I think Nagasawa-kun can be a good friend, you just don’t know if you think of you as friend or not which is kinda fun, it’s only his mouth is the problem @RAISIRN_
  • Nagasawa-kun need a CT scan asap @TeraKebabu
  • How is it not Conan and Kindaichi. You befriend them but then you die. I know I’m gonna get PTSD after a week knowing them (´・ω・`)@sakurerry
  • Edogawa Conan. If you bacome friend you would be at a murder scene 100% of the time. @kaka1245
  • I just happen to become friend with Edogawa Conan and(The paragraph ends here) @kajin_miyamori
  • Not Kindaichi…doesn’t matter if you’re friend with his or not you still die… @buislove
  • Conan: you somehow get involve with the case   Kindaichi: you kinda know him you die, you’re his best friend you die @GANEXS24
  • I’d thought Makoto would be there but it seems not @HirokiMAsan
  • Makoto is a good guy overall     He just have a very strong sexual desire and very indecisive @hisanori7542
  • Itou Makoto  He’s kinda bipolar being good and just scum sometimes @sort569
  • Shinji got this rank because of his overall image  He’s not really shy or a coward. I undertand Light or Kamille, and Conan and Kindaichi @aneha_zaku
  • I feel like Yagami Light just uses you, and in the end he write your name in the note lol @Tarurut_TH
  • If Light doesn’t do all that the he’d be a good friend    Also if you become friend with Shinji that means Ayanami and Asuna also… @NSD_2525
  • DIO LOL that’s a definite no lol  If it’s the older Amuro then sure   Also for Light if he doesn’t have the Death Note @Tiro_finale_S
  • If I can become friend with DIO I’d like to just because there the chance @deden35954791
  • It seems like DIO is gonna cut of your head and take your body… @shirohige084


It seems that the top 3 from Tweets are Edogawa Conan, Kindaichi Hajime and Itou Makoto.

Conan and Kindaichi doesn’t really have a bad personality, it’s just the fate of protagonist from detective anime to bring misfortune to those around them. If you befriend them there’s a high chance you’ll be involve with the case or even become a victim. But rest assure, if the worst case scenario happens they will surely take your vengeance.

On the other hand, the main protagonist from PC adult game “School Days” Itou Makoto. To describe this character, he is just a reincarnation of lust, even after 5 years his name still come up here and there among anime otaku’s topic.

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