Cosplay Picture from the American AnimeExpo

Costume Play, or for short Cosplay, is dressing up as a character from animes or games. It is a large part of the Japan’s otaku culture, but it’s not restricted in Japan only.

This time I was able to obtain some photos from the largest anime festival in North America, the AnimeExpo. Let’s see some of the photos.

(Photos are from AnimeExpo 2010)

Let’s start from the Final Fantasy series

Final Fantasy13Heroines of FF13

Final Fantasy7Cloud, Zack, and Tifa from FF7
And in the background the Sand Siblings is visible too

Final Fantasy10Characters FF10


Sazh like paper-macheI thought it was a paper-mache for a second there

Just from the photo I can see he seems to be pretty popular

Yuna and RikkuYuna and Rikku

Warrior of LightWarrior of Light
And in the background is the Leaf Village Ninja?

Haruhi and KyonHaruhi and Kyon
The pose really bring out the character

Storm trooperStorm trooper from Star Wars
This pose is oddly familiar…?

security soldierWhat a safe security detail

Link and ZeldaTime for Nintendo
Link and Zelda

MarioCharacters from Mario, cute!

Smash BrothersSmash Brothers

SamusThe side of Samus is really impressive

Brain Age…the man himself?

KeroroSargent Keroro. Seems to be enjoying his time

PockyYou do see Pocky around in Japan not Hello Panda not as much/p>

Hi-Chew KingHi-Chew King
I think this is the original

METAL GEARSnake from METAL GEAR Series. Pro at infultration

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