Cosplay Picture from the American AnimeExpo

HaloHalo. They’ve gain some core fan even in Japan

MisamisaMisamisa from DEATH NOTE
The dude with the pale fase on the left is…?

SanSan from Princess Mononoke

Princess MononokeYou can feel the hatred for mankind in there

Hakuji MayoiHakuji Mayoi from Bakemonogatari. She seems to be at lost in a foregin land.


Storm trooper LEGO styleStorm trooper LEGO style, cute.

Spiderman and VenomSpiderman and Venom

GUILTY GEARCharacters from GUILTY GEAR. The blood on the key is very vivid


NoelNoel from BLAZBLUE

TaokakaTaokaka from BLAZBLUE as well


TekkenNina (Tekken)

OnimushaAkechi Manosuke (Onimusha)

Soul Caliber?I think it’s character from Soul Caliber…

Street FighterRyu and Akuma (Street Fighter)

Cammy and E. HondaCammy and E. Honda (Street Fighter)

DragonBallKame Sennin (DragonBall)

GokuGoku (DragonBall)
After 17 years, they’re reveling their new title on March 30

BleachCharacter from Bleach

Fullmetal AlchemistAlex Louis Armstrong (Fullmetal Alchemist)

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