Cosplay Picture from the American AnimeExpo

Black ButlerCiel Phantomhive (Black Butler)

Valkyria ChroniclesSelvaria (Valkyria Chronicles)

Phantasy Star?Phantasy Star?  I’m not too sure

.hackKaito and Haseo (.hack)

Pyramid HeadPyramid Head (SILENT HILL)
A symbolic charater of SILENT HILL

Fatima?No idea where she is from, but just beautiful
Fatima of the The Five Star Stories maybe?

Battle Angel AlitaAlita (Battle Angel Alita)

ZOIDSBerserk Fuhrer (ZOIDS)

APUArmored Personnel Unit (APU) which appeared in the Matrix

BumblebeeBumblebee (TRANSFORMERS)

heavy infantryThis looks awesome! I wonder where is it from?

enjoy cosplay

JokerJoker (Batman)

American HerosAmerican Heros

Monster HunterMonster Hunter (Monster Hunter)


Tales of GracesTales of Graces

Mira and JudeMira and Jude (Tales of Xilia)

Sailor Jupiter and MarsSailor Jupiter and Mars (Sailor Moon)
To think Sailor Moon once dominated Japan anime world, how nostalgic

Zaku and GoufZaku and Gouf (Mobile Suit GundamSEED DESTINY)
One on the left is the Live Version for Meer

GundamGundam Ground Type (Mobile Suit Gundam: The 08th MS Team)

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