“Which Anime Hero Would You Want to Team Up With?” Ranking and the Japanese’s Comment

There’re all type of anime hero out there, the type with a super strong skill that knock out the enemies in a flash, or type with a strong leadership skill that keep the party in harmony. The point being the hero usually have one particular quality that make them stand out. If you can have someone like that in your party, who would you choose?

Few days ago a Japanese news site conducted an interesting survey “which anime hero would you want to team up with?” Here’s the result along with some comment from the Japanese.

Personally I think it’s something every did at certain point if he/she enjoyed Anime or Manga. I wonder who came up on top?

Let’s see the result!

“Which Anime Hero Would You Want to Team Up With?” (Guy’s View)
  • 1st Son Goku (DRAGON BALL) 32.2%
  • 2nd Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) 21.1%
  • 3rd Monkey D. Luffy (ONEPIECE) 10.7%
  • 4th Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) 9.5%
  • 5th Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) 4.5%

Ranking source: MyNavi News

“Which Anime Hero Would You Want to Team Up With?” (Girl’s View)
  • 1st Son Goku (DRAGON BALL) 26.3%
  • 2nd Monkey D. Luffy (ONEPIECE) 23.5%
  • 3rd Himura Kenshin (Rurouni Kenshin) 16.5%
  • 4th Kenshiro (Fist of the North Star) 8.8%
  • 5th Edward Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) 6.8%

Ranking source: MyNavi News

The “faces” for the Japanese Anime all lined up.

I find it somewhat amazed that there isn’t much difference between guy’s and girl’s result, but after thinking it over it make sense that you would want to team up with the most experienced member. I’d say it’s a result both gender agree on.

And now here are some Tweets in response to the survey.

“which anime hero would you want to team up with?”(from Niconico News)
  • It’s Goku no matter what lol these kind of question is always Goku. @kurimatasumi
  • I think Goku and Luffy put themselve in danger situation all the time though… @namaenakatta
  • I’d pick Kenshiro, just think of the money you have to use for Goku and Luffy… @kakusanheiki
  • People around Goku always get kills…it’s better to stay around Kenshiro. @nagisaww
  • Didn’t bad thing happen to anyone who traveled with Kenshiro? @andexihaeienni
  • I can see how it will end up; getting close with whoever you pick, and get beat up by the bad guy and you the hero’s reason to fight him. @EveryDays34
  • In the end I can only see you become someone like Yamcha if you team up with them lol
    Well I guess it’s good for him in that case lol @STEEL_BALL_RUN_
  • I’d only imagine what a terrible way one would die if one pick Guts from BESERK @aaaaaaa48117738
  • Why does it always have to be fighting a strong enemy? I would want someonw with good survival skill…like Kino @okita_sin
  • If it were heroine then it’s Kino for sure @rinka003
  • I think usefulness is better than strength character, so Doraemon it is
    But the trouble would be having the right tool for the right situation for it… @ppp454ppp
  • I pick Anpanman. For emergency food you know. @ha_ru_ku_ru
  • Well it’s Frieza for me
    Forget Earth, he has the language skill, money, and power all over the universe @puddingting
  • Terryman from Kinnikuman, Raiden from Otokojuku, Abdullah from Jojo.
    If you go with these three explanatory role character, you’ll know everything. “I’ve heard that…” @msy47a
  • I won’t pick Ash or Luffy because head toward the danger, Edo from Kenshin would be a safe pick I’d say. @natumikan18
  • I don’t think I’ll be leaving Earth so Kenshin would be nice @blackcatfordown
  • Edwardddd! I want to travel so much! Doesn’t travel like deepen communication, friendship? It’s not always about strength you know. @salsarasan3
  • I want to travel with Iskandar the King of Conquerors from Japan to Turkey @Hydra_118
  • I want to travel with Konata Izumi on a Otaku trip~ lol @anegorus
  • I want someone like Ash, from a world where the main character won’t die. And Pokemon are cutes anyways. @rukannna23
  • I’d like Brock. He can cook, and look after you, and a gym leader so he’s strong too. @country_malm
  • Jotaro maybe…but not you Joseph. Airplane crashes cause of you. @nekoda_nya04
  • If it’s Conan everywhere you stay there’s gonna be a murder for sure @MapleLeaf1117
  • Conan and Kindaichi are the top most dangerous person to travel with for sure lol @Ashumido
  • Pick a hero from an anime is kind of hard for me.
    If it were American comic then it’s easy, just pick someone from Marvel comic @DumpsterBasterd
  • ・Not a troublemaker ・Not aggressive ・Witted person ・Knowledgeable ・Superhuman but have common sense ・Used to traveling. the one who fit everything above is either Edward or Keaton @dimna_dod

Original page here

There are actually more than 1000 tweets on it, and a lot more name not listed in the survey. The common ones are Kino(Kino’s_Journey), Ash(Pokémon), Master Keaton(Master_Keaton) and Doraemon(Doraemon).

In among the four Doraemon has the most support, it’s a mystery to me why Doraemon’s name is not on the survey. Maybe robot doesn’t count? Well certainly a partner that can come up with a single item that would change the tide of the battle is one thing,  but over 30 movie filled with exciting adventures is what other hero’s cannot overcome. He must be a great companion for any type of journey!

With that in mind, this was a fun topic with lots of room for imagination.

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