Some Memorable Manga Lines?

I’d think everyone knows some line from anime or manga that you just can’t seem to forget right? I’ve introduced some memorable lines from the previous post “Most Favorite Anime Lines” Chosen by the Japanese Users“, but since there are just so many lines, I don’t think I’ve cover all of them. Recently the poll “The Memorable Manga Lines?” came out and became somewhat of a topic, so I’d like to introduce some line I missed last time along with some Japanese reaction toward it.

First let’s see the poll’s result!

The Memorable Manga Lines? (from Niconico News)
  • I will drive them out!! (Attack on Titans)

    It made an impression on me since it’s not like I’ll kill them all! also it’s a line you can use in everyday situation. (Female, 27)
  • “Is it only me…? Who think we can still win this……” (Slam Dunk)

    Whenever in trouble it pops into my mind. Also that kind expression really fit that line. (Female, 34)
  • “I have no regret for my life” (First of the North Star)

    I feel that I’ve finally understand just how great Lou is with that line. (Female, 19)
  • “I will not retreat, flatter, or look back.” (First of the North Star)

    Thouzer’s famous line. (Male, 42)
  • “Don’t try to pick the ‘right’ choice when you’re confused. Just pick the funner one.” (Space Brothers)

    It somehow encourage me. (Female, 30)
  • “There is something in human’s heart that’s even greater than god…I’m just following that” (Yu-Gi-Oh)

    I just think if we all believe in something like that, then there wouldn’t be all these religious turmoils. (Female, 34)
  • “Hard work doesn’t always get paid off. However! All the successful people work hard for it” (Fighting Spirit)

    Something that make sense. (Male, 42)
  • “What a guy, killing 5 people. I try so hard just saving 1 person” (Black Jack)

    Famous line from Black Jack. There are lots of other famous line, but this line describe the main character very well. (Female, 26)
  • “Mudamudamudamuda…..” (JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure)

    Cool. (Female, 24)


Some Japanese’s reaction on Twitter
  • There’re just too many to write them~ @moimoiakane
  • There are also some good lines from game. I cried on an anime line before. @Eari_sky
  • There are lots of good lines, but just how do you use “I’ll drive them out!!” on daily basis…? lol @yuuki_1119
  • I think there are more good line in JoJo’s than the “mudamuda” rush @0x1D_11101
  • Dio Brand’s famous evil line “Do you remember how much bread you’ve ate til now?” @mura0929
  • Burn: “Didn’t you know…? You can’t escape form the devil!” from Dragon Warrior: Dai’s Great Adventure, it’s a treasure room for lines @hokutotonanto
  • Personal favorate from Aban-sensei “Justice without power is useless, just as power without justice is the same” @nikita556
  • Shinichi “I’ve look into the book ‘demon’…and I think the closest creature is human.” from Parasyte @fuujinyama
  • I can’t have enough of something like “You should nock before you come in” “It’s not like we don’t know each other” @Shokaku0105
  • “I remember the taste of the bread your father gave me” from TRIGUN @wm76964411
  • “Impossible is impossible”  @AOIRYUICHI
  • I think the line from Fullmetal Alchemist “You have the ability to stand, walk, and move on with your feet” is very encouraging words @reine_mm
  • If you age, I also age. Isn’t that just fine… @ab_zero
  • “Isn’t that the Niel Armstrong Cyclone Jet Armstrong Canon? Such a good replica man” @kuukanhakai
  • “Dream doesn’t come true, you make it true” from Shaman King @nct_Yorune
  • People who don’t follow rules is called trash. But those who don’t cherish their companion is something worst than that @karo_karo_360j
  • I laughed so hard at JoJo lol I’m amazed Yu-Gi-Oh and Attack on Titans is in there  Famous line for me I think is found in Doraemon or something @toki_rorikon

Arthur of classic Slam Dunk Andou-sensei and line from Mitsui Hisashi is so memorable, it sets the standard of famous line. And I believe many people knows those line since it was adopted into animation.

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