What the Fans Couldn’t Accept in an Anime Adoption

There are many manga and novel that have been adopted into anime.

While it is a good news for the fan that the title they love is being make into an anime, how the anime turn out would not necessary please the fans.

Few days ago, the topic “What the Fans Can’t Forgive in an Anime Adoption Ranking“ was discussed on a Japanese news site. I would like to introduce some comment along with it

Let’s see the result first from first place to tenth place.

What the Fans Can’t Forgive in an Anime Adoption Ranking
  • 1st Voice is different from the image 2447
  • 2nd Changing the story line 1034
  • 3rd Different ending 802
  • 4th Character’s face is different from image 720
  • 5th Poor Quality 545
  • 6th Original story only in anime 478
  • 7th Character’s personalty is different 454
  • 8th Change an important line 263
  • 9th World view is different 255
  • 10th Fillers 251

Ranking Source: goo Ranking

“Voice is different from the image” takes the 1st place with a significant difference.

“Change of story line” got 2nd place in contrast to my prediction, but it may have been because of the close nature of it with 3rd “Different ending” and 6th “Original story only in anime.”

Now, what did the Japanese think of this result?

Same as always, here’s some response of the anime fans from Twitter.

What the Fans Can’t Forgive in an Anime Adoption Ranking (From Niconico news)
  • Out of the 10 I think “HELLSING” fit 7 of them…
    Meh, I liked the TV version too tho… @asahi_asahi
  • “Minami-ke Okawari” was famous for it
    Doing everything you shouldn’t from A to Z @Robert1118
  • The original fans really want the anime follow the original work
    You don’t need something new in the anime. And anyhting below 7th is out of the question. @723nokurorekisi
  • When the quality sucks you really lose it lol
    That’s not how the original work did it…(mad) It doesn’t convey how the original work meant @syuraaaa
  • When a battle scene ended unexpectedly short or drag on for 3~4 weeks
    Also don’t really mind the voices since you get use to it @RitoLovenet2
  • 1st is a matter of life or death for Voice Actor Otaku
    Because to them only some actor can protray this character in their mind
    If it’s your favorate character then it’s just…you don’t want that happen twice to you @hideyoshi_yuuko
  • Yep, can’t stand if the voice is different from image(´・ω・`)w
    Lots of anime is on first impression of the voice too. I like the voices so it matter to me >< @aika_kuronyanko
  • Personally I hate how they change the voice actor all of a sudden @NowLoading6
  • You can’t really help the “image” of the voice, since it’s something you think of.
    But if the voice is different from the previous work. As long as it’s not bad it’s fine with me. @ishiokairi
  • To be honest I think 1st and 2nd place is opposite
    It can’t be help if it’s a voice actor just right for the character,
    but some change the story so much till you couldn’t understand it… @enoki0326
  • Original work come before the voice so that happens a lot. But don’t change the story, it’s the worst! @savant444
  • Changing story line. Also toning down racism, segregation, violence and sexual expression
    Those are fine just not change everything. And also celebrity voice actor @riogrande05011
  • The episode of Sanji and owner shef from ONE PIECE is too exterme for kids so I guess that fine….but it’s kinda hard to convey the emotion fully without showing the original work. @kai_moeto
  • I wish they made some manga near it’s ending into anime
    Or else the last episode would be an anime original @banira_binzu
  • Different ending…then it’s not “anime adoption” but just a different anime @sanagiko
  • I like both the first anime season and original work of Fullmetal Alchemist, but some people can’t seem to forgive it @yamaki9
  • Because of the original character? It’s not all bad really @eisuu3
  • I can’t forgive coming out with a original character, it destroy the original work. And in order to add in the character they change the story line easily…just so bad… @si70607622
  • I don’t mind the changes, just not making it worse or else it’s like why even make it into anime @akiraakirann
  • Original work completely adopted into anime is hard. Then just read the original work.
    I like if there is an original story that can go along with the original work. @vforis
  • Rozen Maiden on the other hand turn out pretty well inspite of the difference. So I guess it all depends
  • For PLANETES, I remember both the original and the anime is pretty good. I guess changes is kinda a gamble  @Natorih
  • Or there’s something like Gintama with full blast of original story @mocomoco0914
  • The changes in season 2 and 3 of Full Metal Panic was fun, so I think it’s just down to not changing the main character around the main plot? @kosu7
  • Shorten the length of the story is just outrageous though. Brave Story is a good example. The novel was good but the movie was… @GradeYamato1945
  • I can’t forgive how the original story in anime just totally ignore the original work
    Also people who say the original story is better without reading the original work @SuiSei9
  • It’s fine if it’s funny(whatever) @721X0
  • In the end if it doesn’t match how we see it in our head it’s still like “I don’t want this… @hamanomogura
  • It’s better than made into real life @oyuki0314


Most criticism found on Twitter also revolve around “Voice is different from the image” and “changing the story line”, however it’s not all criticism.

You can’t really please everyone as to the voice aspect, the fans shows more of a disappointment than an unforgivable tone.

As for changing the story there seems to be a more strict opinion on that.

Some comments mention about from the production’s side of view you can’t avoid cutting some scene from long story due to the air time, and also some says it’s boring to see the same story twice.

It’s just as some of the tweets says, there are some works that still receive high rating despite of the changes, and also sometimes it’s not because of the changes a work become bad.

It seem that the fans of the original work are very sensitive of change in a story line.

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