Foreigner’s Reaction of Attack on Titans Ep 5 – A Hot Topic in Japan

Recently it had came to light in Japan that “Attack on Titan” has become a popular anime overseas. Although it can relate to topics like “Japanese anime reaching worldwide level!” but just one title become such popular is fairly rare.

There are even videos of foreigner watching “Attack on Titan” being upload to “NicoNico Douga”, or as I put it the Japanese Youtube. The videos has received much publicity there.
*NicoNico Douga – a major video sharing website in Japan that allow you to comment directly in the video

The following video is “Foreigner’s reaction to Attack on Titans Ep 5 all-in-one” along with some comment that’s in the video itself.

Foreigner’s reaction to Attack on Titans Ep 5 all-in-one (NicoNico Douga)

  • I can see this over and over lol
  • This is watching anime at it’s best…awesome.
  • Those are serious eyes lol
  • What a kid lol so cute lol
  • Nice reaction lol
  • This type of seriousness…we all had that when we were kids lol
  • Get out get out get out get out get out
  • Harmony of Get out! lol
  • The desperate kid at the bottom is so cute lol
  • I bet these are kind people lol
  • So much emotion input
  • You guys are “Get Out” lol
  • It’s too much for foreigner huh lol
  • Hey foreigners, this is anime!!
  • I guess it’s shocking that main protagonist dies lol
  • I was shocked too when I read the comic
  • Top left logged out already LOL
  • Top left, stay till the end dude lol
  • The movement and expression on top left are just funny lol
  • LOL this dude is just too pure lol
  • Too cute lol
  • These guys are having fun lol
  • I want to be friend with them lol
  • Now foreigners are somewhat cute lol


Most Japanese would(probably) watch the episode calmly, so just how these 3 people got so sucked into the anime must suprise some otaku. Especially the one on the top left who is now named “Logout.”

So it’s not just about the foreign fans loving “Attack on Titans”, but also on the fans themselves that attracted the attention. I feel like the last time the Japanese paid attention to the foreigners was back when “Puella Magi Madoka Magica” was on.

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