The Strongest Ability in Manga or Anime?

”Who has the strongest ability?”

I bet this is a question discussed by all the otaku and manga/anime lovers around the world no matter of the country of residence. This topic always get heated up on a Japanese forum.

This time let’s take a peak at the heated discussion among the Japanese otaku.

The Strongest Ability in Manga or Anime? (from 2ch)
  • Let’s not think only power, but more in line of ability.
  • Joke/Funny ability > Omniscience and omnipotence > Time stopping/Changing the World ability
  • Time stopping/Changing the World ability > Transformation/Teleportation Ability
  • The Mad Reverse Barrier Bazusu use from GOD SIDER
    An evil ability that is stronger you are
  • The Hyakki Fuukan that was cast on main character from “Sumomomo Momomo”

    Sealing your oppoents power so they became a normal people
    Althought you do lose 10 years
  • Most of the final boss from JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure uses time related abilities so they were very strong
    But DIO is weak against sun
    Giorno is the strongest one, and on top of that he’s smart
  • Giorno Giovvanna’s Gold Experience Requiemconveyor belt sushiThe ability to “turn the opponent’s action or willpower into zero”
    The strongest stand user in JoJo’s history
    By the way no matter what contradict this effect he just have to attack first so basically invincible.
    Even if he got shot in the head the ability activate on it’s own.
    Just make the fact that you got shot disappear!
    Making action zero.
  • Lot of saying on GER but
    ・Can it nullify attack subconsciously? 
     (Petrify or kills just by looking at you, heat up and poison kind of body type)
    Abilites that nullify like Mystic Eye or Imagine Breaker
    ・The attack range is failry short and low in power
    There seems to be a lot of holes
  • Accelerator is the strongestconveyor belt sushiHe can takes on all the character from JoJo and win.
    And also mentally he is a bad enough guy
  • Well if it’s ability battle then isn’t it Gennosuke from Basilisk?conveyor belt sushiAccelerator just can’t win against Oboro from Basilisk
  • How do you hit Accelerator anyways?
    Even in the work itself only 3 got hit with it.
    If the attack doesn’t hit them how can he win?
    And for “self-destruction” how exactly does he self-destruct? Turn over just like that?

    No physical attack works on Accelerator

    The strongest I can think of is Accelerator.
    What he can do:
    Change the vector of heat, electrical charge, momentum, and reflect everything
    Just by touching he can change the flow of the blood
    Even earth’s rotation, or 13 demention
    Vien got cut, no problem, just direct the blood to prevent blood loss
    Prevent against attacks and reflect them that he has never even seem before
  • If Accelerator even tries to attack Gennosuke he will commite suicide
  • But the thing with Gennosuke is meeting eyes to eyes so there might be some fight to it
    With abilities battle there are situation you can’t do anything with ambush
  • You don’t have to meet eyes to eyes with Gennosuke. The eyes just needs to be open for it to activate

    Doujutsu: A dazzling skill that trick the potential opponent into self-destruction.
    Radius is about 10m. You don’t have to meet Gennosuke eye with eye(so opponent coming from behind also self destruct).
    So basically the sself destruct effect doens’t wear off until Gennosuke stop the skill or the person dies
  • Speaking of Doujutsu Minervas from “Jyagan ha Gachirin ni Tobu” is very strong too, you die if you see itconveyor belt sushi
  • If it’s Index then that Alleos is pretty strong too right?
    What you think comes true, the only drawback is that you have to firmly believe in it.
  • Medaka Box is the strongest
    Be able to use 100% of opponent’s ability  including hidden potential
  • In any case it wont turn into one of those discussion on immortal
  • There’s even ranking between the immortal.
    ・A kinda strong immortal(could accidental death, Piccolo or vampire from JoJo)
    ・Need other’s help for revival(Voldemort)
    Low rank,
    ・Can revive with just a bit of body left(Seru, Toguro Ani)
    ・Immortal with some kind of weakness that could potentially kills them(destroying the core)
    Middle rank,
    ・Can revive even being destroy down to cellular level(Majin Boo)
    ・No restriction on how you revive, but with a limited number on revive(having multiple soul)
    High rank,
    ・Can revive even if body is completely gone

    Out of equation, (not “immortal” by definition)
    ・Already dead (because I’m a ghost~, I’m only a soul~, etc.)
    ・Have many replacement and the memories transfer(Ayanami etc.)
  • Why didn’t main character from Alucard is not here?
  • Because he just can’t die with barely any attack power
    If he went up against a strong character he have no deciding hand
  • Time for some Lucky Man talkconveyor belt sushi
  • The ability for Lucky Man is that, he become very luck when the Star of Lucky is out
    While it seems like a strong ability, he could lose depending on the situattion
    Well not exactly a strongest material, but one of the most popular ability you want to have lol
  • Isn’t Death Note the strongest against living being with name?
  • DB with wishes can’t be beyond God
    DEATH NOTE with death doesn’t work on God
    DEATH NOTE have more restriction so meh
  • The strongest ability huh. Ability that “can win against any opponent” would be strongest
  • Is there really one like that?
  • Saori-san’s staff from Saint Seiya have power from the Nike, Goddess of Victory, that could potentially win any fight 
    But indeed it’s not a certain victory so can’t really count
  • Yeah there’s no strong power, more like a charm thing right?
  • You don’t see a lot of fire and water based power in this kind of discussion.
    Well it maybe that it’s very versatile but is it strong? So it’s on the line there.


In the end, just what the Japanese otaku think the strongest ability is still remain inconclusive.

However, Gold Experience Requiem(JoJo’s Bizzare Adventure) and Lucky Man(Tottemo! Luckyman) always find a place in this topic. The first one being a hard to grasp “making opponent’s action and will power zero”, second one being “using luck to defeat or get pass any obstacle”, something everyone would want to have. Both ability had a strong appearance in the original work, and the explanation on the ability itself is also a routine debating topic among the anime otaku.

Well this was the popular “Strongest Debate” from Japan, while being popular it’s also infamous because things can go south at any point, a topic sometimes people avoids too.

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