The Wonderful World of Japanese Style Web Design

The internet has a number of sites offering beautiful, ready-made Japanese-style website tools made by top-notch creators. Even so, it can still be pretty hard to find the exact features you want, and yet another matter to actually use them on your site.

I’ll tell you about a bit about the sites I used to make my site. They have a lot of good ideas for people who are not only planning to make a Japanese style blog, but who have difficulties deciding on a blog design.

Important: Check the user policies!

1.Hibana (Japanese language site )
They have lots of options for backgrounds, icons, lines, and all of their stuff is high quality. They offer an impressive selection of Japanese style backgrounds even though this is not their speciality. One of the handy features is being able to get a full-screen preview of the background you are interested in simply by hovering over the selection with your cursor. This is a big time saver. Overall this is a great site with excellent designs and a user-friendly interface.
Japonizer is a very useful site with more than 20 backgrounds that allow you to customize the colors and pattern size with easy operations. Pressing the “Japonize” button after you decide on the look you are after changes the background of the site itself to your specifications, offering a very easy preview. Give it a try!
3.Four Seasons Templates  JUGOYA (Site is Japanese, but Terms of Use are in both English and Japanese)
There are tons of beautiful pictures of the four seasons in Japan on this site. You may not even be able to go through all of their offerings, but rest assured all their work is high quality. If you’re looking for pictures for the edge of your site or clip art, this is the site to visit.
4.Japanese-Style Seal-engraving  AOI
They have a variety of backgrounds and icons. In particular, there is a big selection of small illustrations like Japanese food or traffic signs. There is also a surprising number of Japanese furniture illustrations.
5.Crest Japan (Japanese language site )
You can download kamon (Japanese family crests) from the database and, in addition, learn a bit of the history behind each kamon (the place of origin, etc.) It’s not a bad idea to learn about the background before using these historic marks.
6.YUN  Free Photo Templates
This site specializes in high resolution photos and has more than 20,000 pictures to choose from (although not all are Japanese themed). Need panoramics? No problem.
7.Free Templates Place Hoshino (Japanese language site )
This site also has a lot of photos focusing mainly on Japanese nature scenes, rural areas, and buildings. Compared with YUN, Hoshino’s selection is less overwhelming and is better categorized, making it easier to find the picture(s) you want. Moreover, the file sizes are less cumbersome so,  depending on your application, may be easier to use.

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