Difficult Questions for Japanese

There are a lot of Japanese trouble by some questions asked by the foreigners. This time I’d like to introduce a topic o one of the Japanese forums “Difficult Questions asked by Foreigners.” Let’s take a look into it!

Difficult Questions asked by Foreigners (from 2ch)
  • Why does Japanese use 4 kind of writing(Hiragana, Katagana, Kanji, Romanji)?
    Or something close to that? Anyone heard it before?
  • I thought being asked “where are the ninjas?” only existed in manga
  • Ninja, Harakiri, Kamikaze….come to think of it, you can answer it with a smile on your face

    The most difficult one, the Japanese view of religion…it’s impossible to explain.
  • How would you describe Japanese in one word? would be troublesom 
    Although you can counter it with “What kind of image does the Japanese have?”
  • Why is the Happy Birthday song in English?
  • I’ve been asked that before.
    Because in old Japan there is no such thing as “birthday” celebration, so the New Year is the birthday for everyone
    And as I explain that….his face is puzzled with question marks
    Did I teach him the wrong tradition?
  • I’ve been ask “Why does the Japanese put ice in coffee and juice?”
    I answer “We don’t put ice in beer.”
  • Why peace sign when taking picture? is a difficult one lol
    I don’t do it myself, but lots of people does it
  • Why is Japan so nice and clean? is kinda a hard question.
    Toilet in the stations are so dirty, that goes for where people don’t go as well
  • “Where can you get an English version of Kawabata Yasunari’s book?”
    Go find it on internet shopping, the English is using as it is, and I have no idea where they would sell it in southern Europe lol
  • There are a lot of people with knowledge of Japanese novels huh
    If you’re asked with a question you don’t know, it’s kinda hard to explain lol
    I’ve only known about Yukio Mishima after a foreigner told me
  • The most difficult questions are from foreign otaku, you can answer any of them lol

    “Who’s the seiyan in Dragon Ball GT…” Sorry, I only known till Dragon Ball Z
    “Ghost in the Shell…” Sorry, please tell me the Japanese titile first
    “That character in One Piece…” Sorry, ask a younger Japnese lol
  • I’ve befriend a Spanish student and became pen pals
    And then he hand over Death Note.
    and said “Write your full name on here please?” won’t I die? lol
    Where did he get that stuff lol
  • They sell those in an anime shop in Mayor Plaza of Madrid lol
    Don’t know if those are officials or fake.
  • I was asked to draw Doraemon, and after I that he then ask for a Salor Moon lol
    When I said I can’t, he angrily reply “Why can’t a Japanese draw Slaor Moon!? You just drew Doraemon!” 
    They must this most Japanese can draw those….he’s from Spain btw
  • “Why does the character in Japanese game only have white guys?”
    That’s form people who play Final Fantasy and Resident Evil
  • Easy, that’s because the setting is in foreign country (America?)
  • Why do Japanese have poor looking teeth, so ugly. It got me mad a little bit
    I just said we don’t have that cover in our insurance
  • Japanese tend to like the way things are.
    As long as your teeth doesn’t have extreme abnormality “just live with the thing you were born with, why is that bad?”
  • I was asked the hardest question when I went on a temple tour trip with a English friend 
    “Why all the temples, shrines, and charms are same structure even though they’re different religious group?”
    I couldn’t answer
    I’ve never thought about this up till now

    I ask a friend of mine working as a priest, it’s because of the charms
    So the shrines put the amulet in the bag also
    It seems like I have yet a lot to know about my own culture
  • Also from the same English guy, “What is the most popular car maker?”
    I answer TOYOTA, and he said “Huh, I’ve never heard of it”
    And he continue with “Isn’t LEXUS a famous brand?”
    I lost my word


I’ve heard foreigner usually ask question about ninja or samurai, but I take it as a stereotype toward foreigner and didn’t take it seriously. But now reading this article, it seems that they really ask those kind of questions huh?

By the way, the most difficult questions for me are regarding Japanese language itself. Sometime I even have trouble answering some of the hard questions asked by our translator. It’s suppose to be an English based blog, but somehow I’m learning more Japanese than English sometimes…

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