Earth Being Sold on Auction Site – Japanese Users Shocked by Preposterous Offering

One of the fun things about auction sites is that they feature products ranging from trash to treasure. But sometimes someone puts up a strange item that leaves users in shock. The other day, the internet was surprised by just such an item on Japan’s biggest net auction site, Yahoo! Auctions.

The item up for sale was…Earth. Such a grandiose product offering immediately grabbed the attention of auctioneers, and became well-known news in the Japanese internet community. According to reports, the bidding started at 1 yen (approx. 0.01 USD) yen and, after over 200 bids, the one week auction total reached nearly 10,000,000,000 yen (approx. 118,723,000 USD). For such an item, the price seemed alarmingly cheap…

Here is the page in question.

Product Page :

God appeared to me in a dream and told me, “The world is yours,” so I’m selling it. The item being sold is Earth itself. Wouldn’t you like to own Earth? We’ll need to discuss the shipping method. If anything is unclear, feel free to send questions. Thank you. (from product description)

Questions to the Seller:
Are there quality issues  with the product?
It is 300,000,000 years old, but has another 500,000,000 years left in it. Unfortunately, the geography and environment will change.
What so you do for a living?
I’m a housewife.
If I win the auction, will the wars  going on in the world end?
It would be nice. I hope for a peaceful world.
Can you ship outside the solar system?
That’s not possible. I am very sorry.
Are all the buildings and stuff included?
Yes it’s all included. All of it goes to the highest bidder. Do with it what you like.
Where are you going to live after selling the Earth?
I will ask the highest bidder to let me live quietly somewhere.

From “Earth” product page on Yahoo! Auctions

The serious answers to the questions are kind of surreal, but, at the same time, gave the auction an air of legitimacy. Next, I’d like to introduce some of the Tweets that were posted in response to the news of the auction.

  • “This is horrible. lol.” @takua1108
  • “This is too stupid. lol” @kazombi
  • “The way she answers all the questions so seriously is also crazy. lol.” @oreore_basashi
  • “SIlly – lol. But funny.” @takapeee
  • “If I bought this the world would be mine…XD  But I don’t have 10,000,000,000 yen ha!” @Fanta_User777
  • “But once you bought it, what would you do with it? Ha!” @yachiko
  • “If someone bought it, there would be no more land disputes…yes!” @wagashilove327
  • “Mankind included…?” @popitarou
  • “This witty mischief is great…lol…by the way there was an American company selling land on the moon. But what’s going to happen when people start going to live there? Ha!” @NNMK2
  • “Why is she trying to sell it? To buy a better planet…? (´・ω・)That’s a bit sad…” @shama_pAq

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Tweets courtesy of NicoNicoNews

Sometimes there are humorous offerings like this on Yahoo! Auctions in Japan; the best ones go viral and are a lot of fun for internet users. There have been a number these kinds of products, as well as things that I just personally find interesting I think I might introduce at some point.

By the way, I don’t know if this deal was ever completed. Somewhere out there, there may be a new owner of the world.

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