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Among the thousands of comments you can find on a forum, sometime you can across something that you would like to share with other people. In Japan there is this online culture to save these comments and use them for your own, they call it “copy & paste” or direct romanji, “copipe.”

There are all kinds of “copipe” comments, ranging from real stories to jokes, creative saying to something that you couldn’t make heads or tails on. This time I’ll introduce some that I personally think is interesting, along with some famous ones that have been around for a while.

The “copipe” that put a smile on you?every time
The “copipe” that makes your laugh so hard your stomach hurt
What are the most famous “Copy & paste”
Parents trying to use FOREX (from 2ch)

81 :Anonymous:2007/02/28(Wed) 16:11:10.25 ID:KV9gQcaY0

When your mom walk in on you watching prom,
You said “What are they making!? Children~!! Correct~!!”
While trying to pass it off as a joke, mom reply
“I’m sorry I could only make someone like you”

226 Name:Anonymous Date:2010/02/15(Mon) 14:11:17.61

This one time I was in a car with 3 of my friend.
The car we were in was a modified one, where in a normal car all seats face the front.
This seats in this car and turn around, so everyone can be facing each other
Since we were all friend so why not sit together, so my friend turn the seat around,
And the some guy holding up a news paper also got turned since he was in the same seat.
So my friend turn the chair back,
And the guy was turned around again.

57 Name:Anonymous Date:2012/04/28(Thur) 20:01:49.39

I went to the hospital due to back pain, and they put me on a water bed kind of thing.
The thing that fix your back by?vibrating.
The?strength?of the vibration have 3 setting, “strong” “medium” and “weak”,
I started off with “weak” but couldn’t feel a thing.
So I said to the nurse “I can’t feel anything”
She reply “Then I’ll set it to medium, if there anything else just use the call?button.”
And she left after saying that.
After a while, I still don’t feel the vibration
I press the button and call the nurse over
“I’ll set it to strong then.”
And she sets it to “strong.”
The strangest thing, I still couldn’t feel a thing, then I look to my side,
The old man right next to me is vibrating like crazy.

Name:Anonymous:2009/02/06(Fri) 02:48:39.39 ID:japwSQWX

You guys make FOREX too hard
The stock is very mechanic, as long as the loss-cut is -2% and profit taking is 4% then it’s fine
Using this simple rule, I made my $820,000 profile into $140,000

Name:Anonymous:2009/02/06(Fri) 02:50:45.09 ID:4FXHcmB7

You won’t get good result on that…

Make the loss-cut is -5% and profit taking is 5%
With this I made my $400,000 into $12,000

168 Name:Anonymous Date:04/01/17 10:43

Tomorrow is finally the National Center Test for University Admissions!
I’m so nervous right now…
Anyone taking the test should be resting for the big day tomorrow right?

169 Name:Anonymous Date:04/01/17 10:57


It’s today AND tomorrow
You will try harder next year
To think it’s only the start on the testing season

173 Name:168 Date:04/01/17 11:10

I’ve seen the exams bulletin
It seems that there will be testing today and tomorrow…

I told my parent and they cry at me. Got mad at me. Hit me.
I called the teacher and they yelled at me, and told me to come to school right now.

Even if I go now……it’s kind of too late, huh?

736 Name:Anonymous(bin+cue).rar Date:2010/09/09(Thur) 12:53:17

Excuse me, do someone have the ER14 file? Please post it some where.
I’m been looking for it since yesterday, I want to cry so bad my face is like this↓……

737 Name:Anonymous(bin+cue).rar Date:2010/09/09(Thur) 12:54:57

Used the wrong AA!!!So sorry!!!!

I meant to post this, sorry.

72 Name:Anonymous Date:2012/04/28(Thur) 20:05:27.13 ID:dxmcEfxci

2 days ago me and 2 of my friend went to a family restaurant
It was busy so we wrote our name on the wait list

After a while, the waitress called out “Party for 3 F,Frieza?”
I whispered to my friend “There’s always someone doing this,”
And then the other friend stood up, and said “It’s time! Let’s go! Zarbon, Dodoria!!”

138 Name:Anonymous Date:2012/04/28(Thur) 20:38:42.97

This is the transcript of a radio conversation between a US naval ship and Canadian authorities off the coast of Newfoundland in March 1965.

CND:?Please divert your course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

US Ship:?Please divert your course 15 degrees to the north to avoid a collision.

CND: Can’t do that, recommend you divert?your?course 15 degrees to the south to avoid a collision.

US Ship:?This is a US Navy Ship. I repeat, divert?your?course.

CND:?NO. I advise you divert YOUR course!

US Ship:?This is the aircraft carrier USS Enterprise. We have four cruiser, eight destroyer and many more vessels following us. We recommend you divert your course 15 degrees to the north. I repeat,?divert your course 15 degrees to the north. Or else we cannot guarantee your safety.

CND:?USS?Enterprise. This is a lighthouse. Your call.

281 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/03/20(Sun) 17:18:42.04 ID:HWQ+5p7B

Excuse me, is a second handed ’07 GSR400 with 18000 mileage at $4,000 consider cheap or expensive?

I’ve only seen a picture so not sure of the actual bike, is that accurate?

282 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/03/20(Sun) 19:53:29.02 ID:XO8P+/q6

It depend on the condition of the engine…
Go with someone who knows better

283 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/03/20(Sun) 19:58:14.14 ID:SBEZWyvt

I’ll go with my mom

284 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/03/20(Sun) 20:23:58.18 ID:d8qAd2Ua

No, it’s not like that

199 Name:Anonymous Date:2013/01/05(Thur) 01:07:01.19

Recently I notice some of my adult magazine have been missing.
I have a sister in middle school, and well it’s middle school so I guess she’s curious.
And this was when I was still young, so I couldn’t help to pull a prank.
Within one of the magazine I hid under my bed
I put a memo saying:
“I can hear your masturbating over the wall, tone it down a little. “
And after I came out of the shower, the magazine is gone.

Next morning, my dad is giving me a strange look.
What the hell?dad, why is your face red? It was you? Crap.

490 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/10/22(Thur) 11:09:42.96 ID:plo75hWr

The thought “I didn’t think my life would end so early” pops into my head.
After 10 year of reclusive life style I was diagnose with mental illness at age 20. 
I miss my only chance a while ago, it went back in the flash.
I didn’t think for a second that everything I do is not connect to society (well maybe in the corner of my mind)
People around me(neighbor) start losing their jobs
They’re getting fat(me too) and just wondering around.

492 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/10/22(Thur) 12:39:25.24 ID:b9uyBsP6

>>490 Someone should made a rap song out of it

493 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/10/22(Thur) 13:25:22.26 ID:eGiMk/E+

>>492 dont lol

494 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/10/22(Thur) 13:47:53.17 ID:pppKoIPQ

>>492 I laughed so hard lol

495 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/10/22(Thur) 14:06:27.59 ID:VqGWGZRt

>>492 dont man…I couldn’t stop smiling…

499 Name:Anonymous Date:2011/10/22(Thur) 18:39:36.70 ID:yV5vfZ2f

>>492 damn lol damn lol

8 Name:Anonymous Date:2012/11/22(Thur) 09:00:35.99

Awesome. Space is Awesome. Just awesome, awesomeness.
Space is awesome.
First, it’s huge. not just huge, it’s super huge.
Just how huge?
“About 20 Tokyo dome?”
No, nothing like that level.
It’s infinite. There should be an unit of measurement call “Amazing!” Because it surpass square meter or hector. It’s infinite, super huge.
On top of that it’s expanding too. Amazing isn’t it? EXPANDING.
Earth doesn’t expand. Even if it does it’s really annoying, cause your room will get further from the bathroom. It’s annoying if the bathroom is super far right?
If it takes 10 minute to walk to school freshmen year, and by the time you’re junior it takes 2 hours I think everyone would cry.
That’s why Earth doesn’t expand. You see?
But space is amazing. It doesn’t apply to space. Expanding as it wishes. How huge space is even couldn’t be confirmed in light-year term. Too amazing.
Even though I said it’s infinite, maybe it’s not. But if that’s the case
“Then what’s OUTSIDE space?”
Who knows? Amazing. To think that no one knows!
But space is super cold. About 1 kelvin. In Celsius term it’s -272 degree. Amazing. Too cold. You don’t even have time to put a mail in banana. Scary.
And there’s like super nothing. Super empty. And super relaxing. 
And after all space is like all powerful. Easily come up with infinite.
On the other hand look at us, just because we couldn’t count all the number out we made it limited number using f(x) and other symbols,
But space is INFINITE. Using infinite as infinite. Awesome.
So all in all you guys, I just wanted to let you all know about how awesome space is.
So Hubble Telescope that can go space is just amazing. Go Hubble.

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I’ve pick some copipe more for the Japanese audience, so how was it?

And by the way, what’s everyone’s take on that Canada American Joke?

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