What Japanese Want to Treat a Tourist in Japan?

What kind of Japanese cuisine would you like to try?

Many go for the routine food like Sushi, ‘Tempura, or Ra-men, but there are many other delicacies in Japan that foreigners are unaware of.

Recently the topic “What do Japanese want to treat foreigners most?” was discussed on a Japanese web forum, so today I’d like to introduce it along with some comment.

What do Japanese want to treat foreigners most? (from 2ch)
  • If you were in charge of some foreign guests for your company, what kind of food would you treat them?

    ①Had all sort of Japanese food from time to time

    ②Only had sushi before

    ③Fist time having Japanese food

    Here’s some scenario to go with it.

  • Common people food like beef bowl or prok cutlet bowl.conveyor belt sushi
  • Home made curry rise
    But the kind you would think over.conveyor belt sushi
  • I heard American like grilled chicken. They like meat + sweet sauce.
    So grilled chicken, sushi, Okonomiyaki.conveyor belt sushi
  • Pork cutlet bowl
    Grilled chicken
    Let them eat these and they’ll be brain wash
  • Ice cream, Japan’s ice cream have way more kind compare to overseas
    And they look delicious.
  • In America even shaved ice is just crushed ice,
    Let them have the Japanese style made with machine,
    The texture is just so delicate.conveyor belt sushi
  • If it’s ② then try conveyor belt sushi
    and they’ll be like “Fantastic!!” or like “Amaz~ing”conveyor belt sushi
  • Food in Asia take good.
    I want to take foreigner who like tuna to Misaki, Kanagawa to have “tuna full course”.conveyor belt sushi
  • If we keep the tuna fair up, we’ll be running out of them fast
    Let them have dried plums
  • Once I ate at a conveyor belt sushi place, and a white girl ate around 10 plate of salmon and left.
    She only had the salmon and nothing else.
  • I understand only eating salmon.
    I like sushi but I don’t like if I don’t know where the fish are from.

    And, let them have Konjac gel.
    It’s the best seafood, but the texture is just not good for them.conveyor belt sushi
  • Konjac in English is “Devil’s Tongue” 
    Lot of foreigner don’t eat it
  • Scare the crap out of them and let them have the pufferfish.
    There’s less resistance to eat raw egg though right.
  • ①Kusaya(salted-dried fish) see if you can eat this 
    ②Natto(soybeans fermented) see if you can eat this
    ③Sashimi only barbarian eat raw food?
  • There’s lots of foreigner okay with raw egg.
    I had a Chinese friend who was scared at first but then became a fan of raw egg with rice.conveyor belt sushi
  • Try “Japanese breakfast” from hotel or Japanese bed and breakfast.
    Rice, miso soup, mackerels, natto, raw egg, seaweed.conveyor belt sushi
  • Don’t bring them to a high class place all of a sudden
    While it’s nice to eat at a pretty place 
    When they’re done eating they’ll be all fustrated 
    And think “Why does this country’s food in courses”
    Should be something you can eat with some volume.conveyor belt sushi
  • Try deep-fried kebab, with lots of flavor they should be happy
    However, if they’re a glut you’ll be worried about how much they eat lol
  • To American and European
    Pork cutlet is good apparently. 

    For those who can’t eat prok, try chicken cutlet or something…
    (But, make sure they fried with vegetable oil)

    They really like it as they say.
    Don’t take them to the super good place, just some place like Wako…or Hanakatsu.
    Put some sauce on it, eat it fresh out of the fryer,
    They just love it.conveyor belt sushi
  • If it’s American, let them have fruit.

    To let them compare the difference between the Japanese peach, berry, pear
    And let them take the delicious fruit
    Or the Kyoho (grape), it smell so great.
  • ② prok cutlet, curry, tempura, hotpot udon seem like good choices. It’s from a French of British decent.
    ① some of my coworker from China, Korean, Hong Kong like hotpot stuff.
    And curry and pork cutlet are must have.
  • I’ve attend to lot of American and European on my work,
    They don’t like the slurping sound when eating noodle. But they like Yakisoba for some reason.
    Shabu-shabu or hotpot seem popular, but they get sick of it soon.
    For ladies they like thing with sesame sauce. Or giblets cooked in a hot pot because it’s rare.
    But you can’t leave out beef bowl. Just a normal place will be good.
  • Chinese food for Chinese
    Curry for Indian
    Pasta or pizza for Italian
    Something like that, let them have the food from their country.
    It’s flavor more toward the Japanese, so they can taste it in a different style?
  • The Brazian will like the crab
    I heard there’s no snow crab in Brazil
    They’ll be speechless if they see the king crab
  • For the European let them have the salmon chanchanyaki
    Curry for Indian
    Ramen and dumpling for Chinese
    Spegetti for Italian
    Hamburger for German
    Croquette for French
    Tempura for Portugueses
    Meat stew for British
    Mongolian mutton barbecue for Mongolian
    Turkish rice for Turkish
    MossBurger for American
  • Me
    But only for good looking white guy


Many comment mention pork cutlet(katudon) as one of the food foreigner must try.

Pork cutlet, a dish consist of rice and a piece of deep fried pork coated with bread powder and egg, is a very common yet delicious food with volume. It’s one thing everyone will suggest.

There are also comments like “Let then try the home country food Japanese style.”

Dishes that is arrange to fit with the Japanese tongue should take different from what it is in the origin country. In many case it may be a whole other dish.

You can enjoy the Japanese food culture through dishes of you origin country by tasting the difference in taste. So next time in Japan, don’t just stick to the traditional Japanese food, but try some oversea dishes as well, with a hint of Japanese taste in them!

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