TIME Magazine’s All-TIME 100 Video Games: Japanese Reaction

Video games have come to be recognized as a part of our culture thanks to a number of masterpiece works. If you had to pick the best of the best, which would you choose?

TIME sought to answer this question. In their project, All-TIME 100 Video Games, TIME selected 100 video games and readers voted on the worthiness of the entries. The results of the voting are viewable online. The excitement over the article came from foreign gamers discussing the games and recommending new ones. In the end, there were over 1000 comments.

The article became the subject of discussion among Japanese gamers as well. Most likely due to the fact many of the games were also well known in Japan, on one forum alone there were nearly 1000 comments.

Here are some of the comments the Japanese gamers posted:

  • “They know Japanese games better than I thought.”
  • “There aren’t really any games that make you think ‘No way!’”
  • “Ooh, Metal Gear made the list. It feels good when a game you like is chosen.”
  • “Foreigners like Pac-Man way too much.”
  • Pokémon isn’t on the list.”
  • “If we’re talking about famous games, Pokémon would be on the list. But, I guess they’re focusing more on the content of the game.”
  • “Looks like the list is weighted toward more recent games.”
  • “Why in the hell is Xevious not among the 80s games???”
  • “Uhhh, looks like foreigners didn’t know Dragon Quest (Warrior) was out.”
  • Dragon Quest is called Dragon Warrior in America. They can’t put a game with that corny of a name on the list…”
  • “I don’t care about Dragon Quest (Warrior), but no Virtua Fighter?”
  • “I can’t get over Gradius not making the list. Even though it was popular enough to spawn the phrase “Konami Command” here, I guess it wasn’t as big overseas.”
  • “I thought Japanese games up to the 90s would make it, but there’s a lot more than I expected from the 00s on the list.”
  • “They put in Ōkami? I’m surprised Westerners understood it.”
  • “Whoa, Cave Story – even though it was a free game…”
  • Cave Story was popular to a strange degree overseas. What about this game excites foreigners so much?”
  • “I thought Minecraft created a groundbreaking new world, but it’s not on there…”
  • Gran Turismo, the reason I became an automotive engineer, is not on the list?!?”
  • “If you think about it, the only recent Japanese game that’s up to snuff is Demon’s Souls. That’s what happens when all the [Japanese] companies out there these days are just trying to sell characters.”
  • “Now I want them to make a list of the 100 All-TIME Shittiest Games.”

Comment Source:2chBBS

Looking at these comments, there were Japanese who wondered how some of the games made it on the list, while others were confused as to why certain games were not on the list; but overall, there were few negative opinions. Mainly, there were just a lot of people wishing that other games could be added to the list. There were an especially large number of Japanese fans who lamented the absence of Pokémon and Dragon Quest (Warrior), which are essentially the “national games of Japan.”

As for me, I am crushed by the fact R-Type wasn’t on the list. I think it had a huge influence on the shooter games that came out after it, but…

How about you? Were the games you thought were important on the list?

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