Japanese Game = “Girls with Giant Weapons?”

Recently I was asked “Why is that the popular anime and games in Japan always have school girls with giant weapons?” While this theme has been seen more and more in the recent trend, it had always been a popular theme in the past. I answered “Because it’s cute!”  but now that I’m regretting it a bit because there are much better responses than that.

So this time I’d like to introduce this topic I found on a Japanese forums.

Japanese Game = Girls Swinging Giant Weapons LOL (From 2 Channel)
  • People want cute girls than muscular man
    Can’t help it
  • And they’re strong!
    Irritates me
  • They’re different life form from us
  • They must be in a world where magical power is stronger than physical power
  • If you compare muscular women in American game Japanese game wins
  • While it’s fine when bunch of muscular man fighting
    It’s more awesome if it’s cute girls
  • Unlike other country it’s not those pressure from women right organizations
    It’s voices of guys who want cute girls here
  • And not only restricted to women, but handsome guys with weapons
  • Came out with cute battle girls

    Doesn’t look good with knife

    Just make it large weapons

    Nobody loses here
  • I’m fine with girl but I want some proper explanation
    Like they wear power suit or something
  • I want something more realistic like Guts from Berserk
    If it’s just “somehow ” then it’s just boring
  • You can’t bring rationality into game
  • It’s fine since it’s not real right?
    Badass guy with badass weapon is normally strong
  • That’s what’s nice about fiction, you can do the impossible
  • American game, or just most American game maker based most thing on real world
    In contrast lots of Japanese creation is completely cut away form reality and based in fantasy world
  • Line between reality and fantasy is really thin
    Put t this way, Japan is influence by manga and anime more
    And America is by those nerdy novel and board game
  • If we make game with muscular man and woman
    we cant compete that with American games
    Japanese game wins by the difference in game
  • I wish they stop with the thin tiny guys lose to the muscular guys
    The source of power is muscle. And the cross-sectional area, and the thickness determine strength
  • Most girls character with giant hammer have some sort of super muscular body build
    I don’t know if they’re bless with that kind of body
    I don’t like how they put emphasis on muscularity
  • My hobby is as weight training, and when I read manga or watch anime
    I feel like my effort and my exsistance itself is being denied, kinda want to cry lol
  • I want to play a game where a muscular guy with super power and speed chasing a girl character who is running and crying for help
  • But you guys won’t buy some game with muscular guys and old lady swinging huge weapon right? Can’t be help
  • It’s not the problem about reality, but because it’s much simpler that way right?


Maybe they’re aiming for the game visual and unrealistic concept of girl with weapon.

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