Game that Help You in Real Life? Chosen by the Japanese

Out of all the games you’ve played throughout your life, is there any that actually help you out in real life situation?

Few days ago, the topic “Game that Help You in Real Life” gain some attention, so this time I want to introduce this topic along with some commentary.

According to the article, the survey “Game that Help You in Real Life?” receive 18% that a game knowledge became useful.

Just what kind of game, and what kind of information are there? Here are some response along the article.

Final Fantasy Series
Final Fantasy
  • “Easier to remember Mythology and the stories” (Male, 26)
  • “They use bits and piece of English throughout the game so sometimes it helps with English class” (Female, 27)
Super Mario Kart
Super Mario Kart
  • It’s a good game to built relationships, inviting friends over during student years” (Male, 30)
Dynasty Warriors
Dynasty Warriors
  • “Became familiar with Three Kingdoms through the characters” (Male, 30)
  • “Train the thinking process” (Female, 31)
Sim City
Sim City
  • “As the day coming to an end in the game, I realize the importance of everyday in my own life” (Male, 32)
Momotaro Dentetsu
Momotaro Dentetsu
  • “Became familiar with Japan’s geography, help on the tests during school. Also became a common knowledge in my adult life” (Female, 26)
Gal Games (Dating sims)
Gal Games
  • “Seeing what would turn a guy on, how to act “cute” for the guys, learning to see girl from a guy’s perspective.  Result, I gained attention not only from Otaku but most other guys too. (Female, 25)


The “game” meant by the survey include board games, so basically anything consider “game.” However it seems that most people’s mind shift toward video games.

Then let’s see what kind of response the Japanese have.

Game that Help You in Real Life? (from Niconico News)
  • Momotetsu(Momotaro Dentetsu) I get lol You do get to know your geography lol @savant444
  • You not only learn geography in Momotetsu, also the specialties product of each region 
    It actually help when you’re an adult @hankaki029
  • I guess Sim City was a must
    It’s one of the godly game that change your view on the society @Ken_boost
  • Smash Brother is a must for keeping friendship @ab_zero
  • You learn some English from MTG also  @tsu_da0308
  • Thanks to Fianal Fantasy, during English class I thought Bio is poison, Break is petrify
    I ask the teacher what Break was so many times @key_7_star
  • I like how game’s BGM sometimes uses English, after looking up the meaning of the title, I remember some of them. @acchanKCY
  • I couldn’t read some words as the game gets longer @parabera
  • Like Metal Gear Series
    It’s full of education, world view, moral lessons, teaching me lots of important stuff using harsh, but kind words. This is a kind of rare meaningful game @itissoeasy_64
  • I learn that Alaska is part of America in MGS LOL @goudold
  • Thanks to a 12 years old game “Sin and Punishment” I was able to answer a test question “Where is New York located at?” during middle school . @Dichter_wag
  • Game based on realy history help in class also @narinaric
  • Can’t miss Oogami. Made me realize how I love Japanese culture again. @clacola
  • I heard Disaster Report(European title: SOS The Final Escape) actually helps.
    Those useful trivia knowledge when disaster happens @bgaaes
  • Spelunker made me realize how tiny human is @hapdap
  • You do learn something, but you lost a lot of time learning them. @ts1jp
  • Maybe Drakengard? Made me think that not every story needs to have a happy ending……
    That and every game that’s fun, people say it’s a waste of time but not for me, not for me @SCRAP_d
  • Persona serise made me think of the other side of the story. With a good world view you develope emotion with it. You learn to read your oppoents move with Virtual-on. You have fun while you learn something @VOLTGAO
  • Not only limited to video games, all other game require stredagy and thinking skills, it also became a communication tool. Especially if it’s against real person @CoLuThrowBatora
  • Game is useful in life for entertainment(thus game @nickey_puyo


Out of all the listed game, “Momotarou Dentetsu” series appeared most.

A game just like Monopoly, the dice decide where you go, but in map is as wide as Japan itself, with real location and specialty. The objective being who have the most asset after a predetermine turn.

A great multi-player game for friends, also good for learning the geography of Japan. Without a doubt, a very useful game which deserve the first place.

There seems to be an USA map version of the game too.

However I was most surprised at the low rate of 18%. What’s everyone’s thought on this?

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