Japanese’s Response to Tokyo Hosting 2020 Olympic

Just last month September, the news that 2020 Olympic is going to be held in Tokyo Japan became a sensational topic. The champaign for the Olympic position went on unnoticed, but when the good news come, silent broke into a festival. But of course the internet have their own responses, good and bad.

So this time I’d like to share some tweets on this topic.

<2020Olympic>After 56 years it’s in Tokyo again(from NicoNico News)
  • Congrats Tokyo!! @mattyaaaaaaaaaa
  • I jump when I saw the news this morning lol congrats! @Rouari
  • Really? They’re saying it was going to fell through so I’d imagine that @honekuxtupa2
  • I’m surprise they picked Tokyo with Abe’s bad presentation lol @iwatashine
  • Surprise they pick Tokyo. I thought it’s doom because of the nuclear incident. And in fact it was brought up afterward, they better do something within the next 7 year. @KEEN16592930
  • I thought it was never gonna happen but I’m glad it’s decided. Turkey is affect by the Middle East huh? @roulette8484
  • I was shocked when they announced Tokyo because I thought it was going to be Istanbul lol   Time to make it work since we got pick. @Negi30
  • I like Turkey and Spain, but I’m happy that Japan got pick ^^ It’s going to help economy for sure. @Theprisoner003
  • This will definitely benefits lots of company @pleiades770865
  • Only Tokyo will benifit, and business will slow down after Olympic and Paralympic is over. I wonder if it’s really good looking it at long term. @taiyokoSBC
  • I feel with the hopeless economy, the earthquake, and Olympic, it’s just like before war time… Well the environment changed a lot since then though @www_yana_com
  • There are people looking for this to raise the economy, the bounce back is going to be warrisome too. On the side note, I’m happy that a world wide event is going to be held at Japan. @UchimuraChen
  • They spend a lot of money for this last time too, but it’s happy when it decided lol  All in all they didn’t waste any money so all-okay @glattonfort
  • I wonder if North Korea, China, and South Korea is goign to compete… @12kgEva
  • I’m happy since it’s good for the economy, but what will happne to Summer COMIKE. If both event is going to happen that would be awesome. @Hey_show053
  • This is going to help our economy and also spreading our culture to the world, but I wonder if this will push the anti-child pornography law due to the tourist @ukiukiukit
  • I can’t wait to see how Tokyo is going to look in 7 year @NSB1mohikan
  • 2020, Tokyo Olympic…the awakening of AKIRA? @takasitt1
  • I’m very happy. I’m really glad that Olympic would come to Japan in my time. @cloto1973
  • Please make the opening diva Hatsune Miku @tjsbath


There seems to be a lot of worries coming from all angle, as for the anime otakus their worries seem to be on “Is Summer COMIKE still going to be held?” “Won’t this affect the regulation of anime and manga?” Especially the first, since there are some absurd rumors that the usual location(Big Site) will not be available. So if your’re thinking of attending the Olympic and the other event, you might want to pay attention to any news on it further on.

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