“Giant Squid” vs “Avatar” – A Grudge Match on Twitter

The first animated movie on the feared sea monster ”Kraken” or the world largest squid, ”Giant Squid” was completed by professor Tsunemi Kubodera of the National Science Museum of Japan and his teammates from allover the world.

It took them a total submerge 100 times, over 400 hours of underwater, and 10 years of studies to complete this masterpiece.

The video was broadcast on NHK(one of the largest broadcasting station), scene like the giant squid attacking the camera, how the staff’s excitement after encountering the mysterious moved many. The related tweets is over 42,000 and the viewership is even up to 16.8%, the motion image of the Giant Squid captured the heart of many Japanese.

However, the Twitter account that strongly promoted the ”Giant Squid” was actually not NHK but 20 Century Fox Japan . While during the same time slot as NHK is playing ”Giant Squid”, TV-Asahi is showing the movie “Avatar”. Just imagine the irony.

If not for the special broadcast of ”Giant Squid”, ”Avatar” would most definitely be the top viewership. With an unexpected rival’s sudden appearance, they start a PR campaign on Twitter.

  • I want to watch ”Giant Squid” too! but my channel is TV-Asashi @20foxvideo
  • If only ”Avatar” have some squid…!
     Sunday Movie Theater “Avatar” Now Playing! @20foxvideo
  • (´-`).。oO(“Giant Squid”…you will regret this @20foxvideo

It seems 20 Century Fox Japan went to war with ”Giant Squid”.

After appealing “Avatar” for a while…

  • (´-`).。oO(What if Giant Squid’s favorite food is squid… @foxvideo
  • (´-`).。oO(What a beautiful squid…and it’s alive… @20foxvideo
  • (´-`).。oO(Congrats to Professor Tsunemi…! @20foxvideo

And it seems they change the channel.

After the show…

  • It was a great dubbed movie…! But everyone just keep saying squid…! @20foxvideo
  • It’s beeter not to look up the viewership huh… @20foxvideo

And with that, the so-called ”war” ended with the defeat of ”Avatar”.

However the somewhat funny Tweets became a topic online shortly after. It may have not appeal ”Avatar” till the end, but nevertheless a good PR campaign on 20 Century Fox Japan.

This is right after the final scene of ”Giant Squid” on NHK’s Twitter account.

They actually come thanking 20 Century Fox Japan’s account for helping them with the advertising.

  • I thank you from the bottom of my heart as a member of Project Squid. くコ:彡 @NHK_PR
  • I don’t know what you meant, I was on TV-Asahi the while time… @20foxvideo

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