And the Winner for 2012’s Most Viewed Japanese Wiki is…

What kind of pages are being read on Japanese Wikipedia?

A couple days ago Wikipedia’s 2012 page ranking was published. The ranking for the Japanese version was also released and, as the results were quite shocking, we’ll discuss them here.

Access Ranking
  • 10th JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure (Anime / Comic) 3,799,078
  • 9th Neon Genesis Evangelion (Anime / Comic) 4,347,356
  • 8th Kuroko no Basuke (Comic) 4,782,796
  • 7th Sword Art Online (Anime / Novel) 4,956,457
  • 6th Taira no Kiomori (Historical Figure / Television Drama) 5,000,971
  • 5th Arashi (Boys Idol Group) 5,089,781
  • 4th One Piece (Anime / Comic) 5,211,171
  • 3rd Momoiro Clover Z (Girl’s Idol Group) 5,979,052
  • 2nd AKB48 (Girl’s Idol Group) 7,133,542
  • 1st Adult Film Actress List 18,569,543

News Source:Netorabo

The most accessed page was the Adult Film Actress List! And what’s more is that it stands head and shoulders above the rest, having been accessed more than double the number of times of even the runner up, Japan’s most adored idol group, AKB48.

WIth an outrageous result like this, there’s no way there would not be a huge reaction to it. On Twitter, nearly 3,000 Tweets were made in response to the ranking. I have picked some of the Tweets to show you.

(Note: the “w” written in many of the comments means “laugh.”)

  • “First place is off by a digit…ww!” @bandexiku
  • “This country sucks!…wwwwwwwwwwwwwwww” @clan_nghia_site
  • “Just as you’d expect from Pervert Land Japan wwwwwwwwwwww Ha! wwwwwwww” @tyokobananaya
  • “It makes perfect sense; without erotica, you would have no descendants…Ah, who am I kidding…” @kywry486
  • “It makes sense more than anything, really.” @Light0301
  • “Makes sense. Filthy animals…” @_photonman_
  • “True, I do like AV actresses more than AKB48…w  More like all guys in Japan [like AV actresses more than AKB48] w” @ROYAL_82_HEART
  • “This is quintessential Japan. There is no problem.” @MakinoShineitai
  • “Peaceful here isn’t it – Japan? I don’t know whether to be happy or sad…” @haruto_utaite
  • “Hey – If you see the words ‘AV actress’ you can’t help but click on it.” @yuzucat_1700
  • “So the overwhelming majority of Wikipedia users must be men?” @rama_jkl
  • “Well, what can ya do. I think it’s probably a good thing.” @Luck4River
  • “Aww, how pathetic the male instincts are. w  That’s a little too much. www” @coke_rodge
  • “Nothing you can do…men who don’t like women don’t exist.” @yomi004
  • “What a good laugh to start the New Year. ww You guys killed it last year. w” @yudui
  • “What an article. www You guys….” @kokuren_00
  • “It has been proven that the massive Internet world is made up of perverts.” @shima3333
  • “It’s not bad, and it’s not surprising. Erotica is absolutely necessary. People who say otherwise…ww” @konx2sayu
  • “That’s what I’m talking about, Japan! It’s good to be Japanese.” @Skile_Alford
  • “Hey world – this is Japan!” @yuumi_bumper

Comment Source:Niconico News

For net users, it makes sense the page came in first. Scanning through the Tweets, negative comments were few and far between; it was taken as a funny and interesting result. Because most of the attention was stolen by the first place slot, though, what was overlooked in the ranking was the fact that most of the entries from the list were related to otaku culture. I think this, in and of itself, is descriptive of Japan and reveals what kind of people are using the Internet.

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