100 Years Old Japanese World Map

This is a topic from last year, but I think it was interesting, a 100 years old Japanese world map became a hot topic for a while among Japanese web users.

Old World Map LOL (from 2ch)
  • Japan is too damn big
  • Way to big lol
  • Europe is the same size as Japan
  • The ship is way too big too lol
  • I think it’s common for the arthur to draw his country bigger, and other places with little knowledge smaller
  • What is the giant land mass below?
  • South Africa = 墨瓦臘泥加
    Australia on the right
  • It says “Magallanica”
    “Since the northern hemisphere have Eurasia it would make sense there is a equal on the southern hemisphere”
    It was a theory they had for Eurasia and Magallanica.

    When they discover Australia they thought this theory was right! and caused quite a topic
    But then they were disappointed when they found out it was smaller than they thought
  • They used to call Africa as Libya before
  • Is it because Libya is an old Greece name?
  • Huh? Japan was this big?
    I thought they were saying how small the land is so I’d think it would be smaller
  • When they say small land area they meant “70% of the land is mountain terrain which is uninhabitable”
    As to inhabitable or usable land, Europe have way larger land mass
    As to Japan with too much mountain terrain, much less land mass in comparison
  • This is a Rangaku map made in the Edo period
    And you can tell this is for the general public by the picture and images
    There are many incorrect places
  • This land great evil of south pole star star upon the night land (此国大悪地之南極星頭上見夜国)

    What does this mean? What’s with the South Pole?
  • 悪地=荒地=Land where no one live
  • I see
  • I wonder what 夜人国(night people country) mean
  • 夜人国(country of the night people)→ North Pole 夜国(country of night)→South Pole
    This is an expression before knowing Earth rotate
    Most of the time the poles are night
  • Where’s the 女人国(country of women)
  • It’s around Volgograd
  • Time to go there!
  • There is a civilization as large as Eurasia in the southern hemisphere
    Recent year the northern and southern civilization had some big crashes
    The ocean became the line among the two, to the north the south is where the world end
    And to the south it’s the exact same thought but different side
    …if only this was real, real world is so boring


For anyone who wants to soo more map visit Kyoto University Library.

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