The Cliche Japanese Found in Oversea Drama

There are a lot of common setting or story line in anime or manga. For example in anime, coincidentally meeting a cute girl and ended up living together, or in detective drama the culprit turn out to be someone in close contact all along.

In the last post Why Does Most Anime and Manga Are School Themed? – Japanese’s Responsewe go over how oversea otaku think about our Anime setting. This time let’s see some Japanese’s response to setting in oversea drama(Primarily U.S. drama).

These comments are from a Japanese oversea drama lover’s web forum, how reliable the opinions are vary since I didn’t check each of them. However, here are some of them I think it’s accurate and if there’s any objection please do response.

“The Cliche in Oversea Drama”(from 2 channel)
  • The wheel cover fell out from a escaping Cadillac
  • When it seems like a bad situation
    and the character says “good, everything is according to plan”
  • The wanted criminal visiting the grave of a deceased lover
  • Regretting the loss and placing fresh flower at the grave even though you know it’s coming
  • Isn’t him the bad guy?
    and just when the viewer think that he gets killed
  • No matter how badly the wounded person is he can’t lay in a flat bed
  • Come to think of it even an old guy on his dying bed is on reclining bed lol
  • “Huh, did you hear the scream inside?(stiffed)”
    “Yes I did, we have to go investigate it(stiffed)”
     and the investigator goes in without a warrant
  • Even though it’s a future SF drama the setting state that “this city is based on the most romantic city of the 21st century in human history on Earth”
  • Building is haunted

    Basement is always bad
  • The line “I’ll go to the basement and turn on the power generator” is a tell-tell
  • “Please just listen to me”
    “There’s nothing to talk about”
    “C’mon I’m begging you”
    “Fine, you have one minute”
    “One minute, how am I gon—”
     ”50, 49…”
  • When a couple making out in an office
    Separate when the door is open but in an obvious way
     ”Oh sorry, did I interrupt you?”

    (at the same time)
  • When escaping from a building go through the kitchen in the restaurant
  • Even though the witness is often targeted
    If the drama drags on
    The witness is often not a young actor
  • In the”In Plain Sight” it’s basically a drama where the story is to protect the witness lol
    You don’t want to become a witness after seeing that
  • You see witness getting kill in “Criminal Mind” too
    Using an alias to be in witness protection and found out about secret of you killed friend

    A classic in a suspense
     And in “Cold Case” too
  • When changing the scene
    The detailed location and time appear in the corner of the screen had no meaning
  • When a thief robbing a house stealing stuff and also stole an important evidence
  • When your best friend is in a life or death situation you decided to get married
  • The actor playing Japanese is often Chinese or Korean
  • Opening
    In a dire situation when a detective getting surrounded by SWAT

    The next scene 
     ~12 hours ago~
  • The daughter’s boyfriend is cold
  • Bush, Clinton, and Palin is often a material
  • The main character surviving a t-bone accident
    But the sub character who is involved in the case died on impact
  • When an actor got a role on another show the character disappear in a weird way
  • Someone dies of drowning over a tiny glass window on the other side
  • In a car chase scene, the escaping car brilliantly jump over an obstacle
     While the chasing cops drive into a fruit stand
  • Fruit stand in oversea drama is treated horribly…
  • The cell phone ring when tailing someone or hiding somewhere
  • When the clerk state he doesn’t know who that is in the photo
    He talks after being threatened
  • The culprit uses voice change continue to come into play with the main character throughout the season
  • Got good news or bad news
    bad news
    good news
    whispers “Well it’s not exactly good news…”
  • Waitress has bad attitude
  • The worst case is the mom find out about it
  • The teenager rebels after being grounded for a week
  • Teenager sneaking out the window and got into trouble outside having the parents pick him up
  • There’s a lot of best friend that’s white and black huh?
  • When you take population into consideration it shouldn’t be a lot
    In cities maybe but in suburban area it’s pretty much separate by the ethnicity 

    Veronica Mars had a black friend
    In an episode “That’s the black group and that’s the Asian group”
    This kind of line really show how the separation is common, it’s very interesting.
    It’s a different world in drama and real world

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I thought even the country is different the cliche must be somewhat the same, but it turns out it’s very different from Japan’s. I guess it turns out that it’s pretty hard to find a same pattern.

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