Street Patrolling Ninja Arrested in England-Japanese Reaciton

A man in a Ninja custom patrolling the street was arrest in England by police dogs and helicopters, and because of the extravagant arrest it became a hot topic on the oversea news.  Ninja is not something that you could find in Japan nowadays, we can only find its presence in movies and manga. But how the appearance of a foreign Ninja became such a popular topic is an interesting topic itself.

The source of the information was to believed from the a Japanese promotional magazine ”The Sun“, where an article describe how a police officer found a 21 years old male carrying a wooden blade patrolling the street. The wooden blade was mistaken as a weapon, the officer requested backups which lead to the extravagant arrest. According to the probation officer, the male has a passion for the American comic’s hero. He was a victim of a gang related assault before, but the culprit was never found so he takes the matter into his own hand. The court sentence him to 60 hour of community service on the charge of “misguided justice.”

So what is the reaction of Japanese to this foreign Ninja? Here are few of the comment from a major Japanese web forum

  • He failed as a Ninja when he was seen
  • Should’ve use a smoke bomb
  • Someone will report you if you dress up as a Ninja and wondering around at night in Japan
  • Ninja doesn’t maintain security, influence by some Anime?
  • It’s weird how foreign like Ninja
    Did they mistaken them from Superman?
  • Ninja is not really hero
    They gather information and confuse the enemy
  • Ninja equal spy in the real world
  • The image of Ninja is influsense by Naruto or TMNT a lot
  • There are many people dwell on “Ninja” in story like “Akakage” and “Nruto”
    There’s tons of “Ninja Hero” right?
  • If there is someone dress up as Batman or Spiderman
    Running around in the street
    He going to get lock up 100% guarantee
  • Real Ninja blend in with the crowd so no one can tell
  • Hiding in the shadow is one way
    Dress in a way that no one will be suspicious is another Ninjitsu
  • Someone need to create a World Ninja Orginization, gathering Ninja from around the world to educate them
  • He was already doing community service, then sentenced with community service…
  • If would be funny if he do the same thing saying it’s community service
  • I like this kind of nice people
    Doing  weird thing seriously with a sence of justice
    But in Japan Ninja is more of injustice
    They don’t really maintain security
  • He really like Ninja huh?
     If he didn’t joke around I really want to thank him as a Japanese

Comment source: 2chBBS

There are many Japanese with urge to make fun of his action when this news topic was first broadcast. Many of them point out “Un-stealthy” of this Ninja. The definition of Ninja is actually “one who hides” or “one who avoid attention.” For example, in movies it would be James Bond, in video games it would be Snake from Metal Gear series. How he was discover by the police was the reason he failed as a Ninja. Again from before, it is more of a common knowledge that a Ninja is meant to be hidden.

However this does not mean Japanese have a negative attitude toward the oversea Ninja. In fact they are entertain by it, as if he was a character form manga. After all it is good to know that something originated from Japan is known across the world.

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