Japanese Reaction to Recent American Child Naming Sense

Recent in Japan there are more parents who name their kids with flashy names, or as Japanese calls it “DQN name.” For example, “Pikachu”, “Angel”, “Paladin” the names you’d only except fin games or anime. It became an instant topic for otaku circle.

As it happens, there are also parents naming child with theses flashy names in US. The following is an extract from an article that is fairly popular on Japanese news site.

With many Apple fan, this year in US alone there are 49 boys named “Mac” and 6 girls named “Apple” reported by “Los Angeles Times.” Other IT names such as “Google” “Facebook” “Excel” “Hashtag” is seeing more often now too.

What’s more, the Star Wars fans also start naming “Jedi” for a boy’s name. Even the popular cartoon Sponge Bob has a girl named after him.

According to the same article, there are 762 newborn named “Messiah” and 3758 newborn named “Jesus.”

So this time I’d like to introduce some comments on this topic from a Japanese’s perspective.

American Parents Naming Children IT Names like Hashtag, Excel (From Niconico News)
  • American DQN name lol @chaos_cat_
  • No boarder for flashy name it seems @mo_tamago
  • It’s not only Japan huh…is this okay for mankind to continue like this? @rusk4241
  • It’s just parents ego playing…(-ー;) @genpicha
  • Stop that. The kids will be sad. They’re not toys. @nekokurosaki
  • So DQN name is popular overseas too, Messiah sounds so game like @08th_wolf
  • The world should be a peaceful place if there are 762 Messiah in the world@fanks_carol
  • If you put it that way “Maria” is also DQN name right? Don’t really understand the American’s sense. @saint21dec
  • Messiah don’t work even Michael is ok? How strange… @etoilees
  • Not Hasgtag lol I’m ok with Excel tho for some reason lol@kiralin7566
  • google……sounds like he’s gonna be a smart guy @dokusho10000
  • I just don’t get it… @hooksentyo
  • I think it’s better than Japan since you can actually read the name @Tronsaction
  • American DQN you can read, the Japanese DQN you really can’t. @Muracchi_2x11
  • They need to ban these kinds of flashy names. Isn’t UNICEF in charge of that? Do somethign already. @Yoshdough
  • The kids named Gandalf should be rebelling right around now. @kobe_inu
  • The generation world war is gonna happen because of this. @U_1t
  • I wish they name their kids with thikning of the kid’s future @nomchan_
  • It’s a preblem everywhere lol @Lipre_koiwai


It seems like most of the opinion is against these flashy names.

In Japan because of the different Kanji it is almost impossible to pronounce it as it is easy in English language, which is why it is a bigger problem in Japan.

However, name changes along with time. There is the possibility that this kind of names might become normal names in future.

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