The 12-21-2012 End of the World, How Did the Japanese Reacted?

According to the Mayan calendar the world is coming to an end between December 21 and 23 in the year 2012, and this caused quite a ruckus around the world. But it seems the Japanese was an exception, the day went over without much of a fuss and the year ended peacefully. Back in 1999 a Nostradamus Prophecy on, yet another end of the world was big for the Japanese. The media was all over it just like the “doomsday” this year, but it seems to have less of an affect this year. Nevertheless, internet user and those who are fascinated by the supernatural didn’t let it goes unnoticed.

They open up a thread to watch over the world’s supposed ending two days before the prophecy. Here are some of the post from before and after the dreaded 21st.

The Day Before
  • Zombie apocalypse XD
  • Well for starter, I dream gigantic tsunami
  • The aliens are preparing as we speak…
  • Which superhero will stop it this time?
  • Painless death would be nice…
  • I think new year day is gonna come normally
    Don’t sense any disaster coming
  • Well that was short…
    Did I had any good memories…?
    The last 2 or 3 year was tough on me…
  • Who started saying this Mayan stuff?
    Taking about irresponsibility
  • I know right?
    I think it spread because of the movie “2012″ though
  • You humans just can’t decide you want peace or not
    That’s why these prophecies never ends!
  •  To be honest the Nostradamus fired more people up back in 1999
     Everyone was talking about it at school
    The Mayan’s a joke at work or school now
  • Kid in 1999 sure had fun lol
    I was already working so no one around me was scared
    It was treated more like a joke, but on the other hand the 2000 one was more of a scare
    We were working at this sweatshop company, and when we spend the year together at the office
    Everyone zoned out for a moment when the year change…but nothing happend…
  • It’s different in a cultural way from the 1999 one
    In late 90′s there’s a lot of  apocalypse novel and such
    While in 2012 there isn’t much on the topic
    …thought of it while watching Evangelion
  • If the world doesn’t end tomorrow…
    I’m going to, because I quit my job, sold my car, spend all my saving on lavish stuff…
The Day After
  • Now the dreading day starts…
  • All fresh and clean, as if nothing happened lol
  • Disappointed!I’m disappointed human being didn’t extinct!!
  • Your boring life won’t end that easily…
    not until you die
  • My hope have perish…
    I only live till now thinking human will extinct
  • They miscalculated it, say it’s going to be on 9/3/2015

    You guys should be more responsible with your job
    Nothing will go like your expectation
  • In the year 2015, they’re gonna find out it’s miscalculated again

    I know that already
  • I think the chances of nuclear war in 2013 is higher…
  • Human don’t improve at all
    “the end of the world” prophecy had been there for thousand of year and we still belive in that
  • Those businesses profited form ”end of the world”…how devious
  • It was a shame in 1999
    It’s another shame this time
  • I know right…
    It’s over thsi time…all over…
    Everything is white…

    Oh, so September in 3 years?
  • ■The Schedule

    2013 Sun flare
    2015 Egyptian’s Prophecy(also Mayan’s recalculation)
    2017~ Ice age
    2039 Hitler’s Prophecy

    Look at all the fun we’ll have
  • Let’s gather our knowledge and make something so the future people can fall for it
  • These information about human’s extinction should be Top Secret anyways. like they’d let us know!
  • Come to think of it, he’s right
    When people like us know about it they’ll be underground, on the moon or even Mars
    So they’d survive at a safe place
  • It is all thanks to ME that humanity barely survived.


    Praise ME!

Comment source:2chBBS

Coming back to the Nostradamus Prophecy, is it true it was only stirred up in Japan? If it is true it must be very shocking to the Japanese who lived through it. But if that’s so, I can see the reason why the Mayan’s Prophecy did not gain much fame in Japan.

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