What Happen if Meteorite Hits a Nuclear Plant?” A Subject Heated Up in Japan After Russian Meteorite Catastrophe

The news regarding a meteorite crashing in Russia shocked the world on the 15th of February. The explosion caused the collapse of over a thousand building and the death of over 1200 people, an unreal number to look at after seeing it in writing.

There are already a number of video on the internet like “Meteorite crash in Russia: Video of meteor explosion that stirred panic in Urals region” or “Russian Meteor Massive Sonic Boom Causes Panic (FULL VIDEO)“showing something you’d see only in movie.

I wonder if it would be the same when an asteroid hits Earth causing end of the world.

This became the top story in Japan as it is worldwide, a variety of subject also stirred up on the internet. This time the most stand out topic is “What Happen if Meteorite Hits a Nuclear Plant?”, and that’s what we’re looking at today.

After the disaster resulting in the explosion of a nuclear plant in east Japan in 2011, the topic surrounding the safety of nuclear plant had been on going. Now with a new threat of meteorite hitting a plant just make things even harder.

Let’s see some comment from the thread.

“What Happen if Meteorite Hits a Nuclear Plant?” (from 2 Channel)
  • Who cares since it’s something human can’t contorl
  • If something worse than a plane hitting the plant, a meteorite ifself would kill people around it
  • What are the chances of that happen?
  • This mean they’re preparing for that to happen with that in mind?
  • Didn’t something exactly like that happen when a plant explode?
    And huge chunk of landscape, the basis of a country, is lost forever that time right?
  • All in all “when that happen just give up”
    I mean rather than worrying about something that’s not likely to happen
    Let’s just enjoy the merit we get from the nuclear plant
  • Then what would you do if it land on your head?
  • What else except give up!
  • It’s like if Earth had an traffic accident
    Bad luck, just give up
  • Even if a meteorite did fall, it will explode right before impact
    And the energy from both explosion will even out…wouldn’t that be nice
  • If a meteorite accident is put into consideration
    A terrorist attack or a direct hit from a missile should be put into plan too
  • Right, when a meteorite hit Japan it will fall on a nuclear plant
  • Just let an accident happen in a nuclear plant and stop all that, and move on to something safer like nuclear fusion
  • I’ll save the day with Musou Musha Daihagane Gundam so don’t worry
  • I heard the chances of an accident is lower than the chance of a meteorite strike…
  • Whatever the case is, they can never say “Absolute Safe” again
    Just how they calculate the size of meteorite would cause so much damage itself is pretty weird
  • Just meaningless anxiety. If you think that much you can’t even get out of the house
  • Forget about meteorite how about a nuclear attack?
    If they can with stand the strongest nuclear head than surviving a meteorite should be no problem right?
  • The meteorite this time is about 30 times of Hiroshima
    The nuclear weapon right now is about 300~600 times of Hiroshima
    Tsar Bomba, the strongest nuclear weapon, is about 3000 times of Hiroshima
  • I think fate is telling you to give up if it pinpoint at a nuclear plant
    But it’s a shame to die with regret, so I’m gonna sing and run in a neibhgoring shopping center naked now
  • Some baldies and four-eyes is gonna say
    “Unexpected event” 
    And this end the public hearing
  • So harsh LOL but they’re so gonna do it LOL
  • According to mythology, the probability would be a tsunami and a nuclear plant and a meteorite that cause total destruction
    And taking the impossible things that had happened this few years
    Math is just bogus
  • What if Earth explode?
    There’s no ending to this
  • Let’s put the plant hundred of meter underground
  • Beside meteorite landing on a nuclear plant 
    Isn’t the chance of an asteroid ending human higher?


Most of the comment are somewhat like 「Meteorite then give up」 or 「Can’t cover to that extend」 but there aren’t many comment on denying the possibility of this event to happen.

The Japanese view on disaster or absolute safety had change after the nuclear crisis they experienced, no matter how unlikely the event would happen, it is taken into consideration, not something”impossible” anymore.

However, when it comes to defense against meteorite, you’d like something like Stonehenge. With our technology now it seems like a possible project, I wish someone would start this in America somewhere already.

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